How can I watch The Resident online?

The Resident is a TV show from Fox Network in the USA. The first episode aired in January 2018, and after a magnificent reception, it has continued on for more seasons since then. The second season premiered on Fox in September 2018, and the show was renewed for a third season in March 2019. But, how can you and I watch The Resident online?

I have watched quite a lot of TV series about doctors, life in the hospital and more, including Grey’s Anatomy, ER, Chicago MED and some more. And, a few weeks ago I started with The Resident, and I was immediately caught up with the story. Since then I have been digesting a few episodes now and then, and I enjoy every single episode (so far).

How to watch The Resident online
Pravesh, one of the main characters in The Resident

The story takes place at a hospital named Chastain Park Memorial, located in Atlanta, Georgia. Here we get to meet a combination of young and older doctors, and especially the roles of Conrad Hawkins (a third year resident who behaves like a pro), Devon Pravesh, a new resident who has to learn from Conrad, and the main surgeon at the hospital,
Randolph Bell. Together with some others these are the people you will learn to love after a few episodes, and I am one of their new fans. I know, it took me more than a year to really discover The Resident, but the bonus with starting late, is that you have many more episodes to binge once you actually get started. But, where can you start if you want to watch The Resident online?

How to watch The Resident online?

Are you in the mood for watching The Resident online? Where can you stream The Resident season 1 and The Resident season 2 (and The Resident season 3 in the future) online? Well, here you have the best solutions!

Watch The Resident online at the Fox website

Since Fox is the network behind the TV show, they will also let you watch the show at their website. You can visit and get started right away. They do not show the episodes from season 1, meaning that you will only see the most recent episodes at their website. But, you can watch those and if you watch regularly, it actually works quite well.

If you do not have a cable subscription to Fox, you will only be allowed to watch 60 minutes per week of content at the website, but that is enough to digest one episode of The Resident a week, so that should be enough. If you have a cable subscription, then you can watch unlimited amount of content. A way to get a cable subscription without an actual cable subscription is to buy a FuboTV package in the USA (this is an online platform only), or a Hulu Live TV subscription.

If you live outside the United States, a VPN is needed to watch The Resident online at the Fox website, and for that purpose I recommend using the VPN services of ExpressVPN.

If you click the ExpressVPN button above you will get three months for free if you sign up for their 12-month package.

Not only can you watch The Resident online on Fox with ExpressVPN, but you will also be able to unlock more channels which will help you stream The Resident. You can also use ExpressVPN to unlock 6-7 different Netflix regions, to watch Premier League football online, to watch Formula 1 races online, and the best – you can use one subscription at three different devices at the same time.

But, what other chances do you have if you want to stream The Resident online somewhere else?

Watch The Resident at Hulu, FuboTV, YouTube Live

This might not be the best option for most people out there, as these are very costly live streaming platforms in the United States. You can easily stream all three of them if you have a VPN subscription giving you an American IP address and also a subscription to the mentioned services, but considering how the price is around 45 USD per month for the subscriptions needed to watch The Resident online at any of the services, most people will skip the thought of watch The Resident online in this way. If you still feel tempted to give it a try, the easiest service to sign up for and use is FuboTV. You can later use the FuboTV credentials to watch all the Fox content at the Fox content website as well, meaning that you do not have to stream The Resident at the FuboTV website /you can, but you do not have to), but instead – you can unlock all content at the Fox website with your FuboTV subscription.

Watch The Resident at Hotstar in India

This might be the coolest option, because here you can watch all the seasons and episodes of The Resident online right away. You will have access to all the seasons produced, and the new episodes are added to Hotstar just a few hours after they have aired in the United States. Hotstar is a pay-TV service in India, but considering the fact that the annual package will only cost you 15 USD per year (you read correctly, per year – not per month), this is a brilliant solution for most people. But, it can be quite complicated to actually sign up for and stream Hotstar outside India, and that is why I have made this easy, little guide which explains how you can watch Hotstar abroad in a few steps.

You can watch The Resident on Hotstar in India
You can watch The Resident on Hotstar in India

Hotstar is a really cool streaming platform in India, and not only can you watch shows like The Resident and Grey’s Anatomy, but you can also stream Game of Thrones online, lots of other HBO shows, quite a lot of Hollywood blockbuster movies, and you will even get access to watch Premier League football online.

Can I watch The Resident on Netflix?

As far as I know, the answer it a complete NO. There are no seasons or episodes of The Resident available on Netflix at the moment. But, it might be that we will get some episodes there in the future, but I cannot say anything for sure. Other Fox shows often keep their distance from Netflix (like Gotham, Star, Lethal Weapon and more), or they will let Netflix subscribers wait for a very long time before they actually arrive. So, I guess we will have to wait for some more months, years, or who knows what, before The Resident will be made available on Netflix.

You should know everything about streaming The Resident online by now...
Conrad and Pravesh in The Resident

Are you ready to stream The Resident online?

If you have read through these instructions you should be well prepared to watch The Resident legally online. Not all the options might suit you in the same way, but they will for sure help you find one way or another that will help you out.

If you have any questions about how you can watch The Resident online, or if you just need some advice or want to share your thoughts about the TV series, write a comment beneath.

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