How to watch The Odd Couple online?

The Odd Couple is a brand new series from CBS which is aired once a week. It is starring Matthew Perry and Thomas Lennon and after watching two episodes of the show it is one of my new favorites to watch!

In The Odd Couple, we meet two guys who have recently gotten divorced. They are both suffering from this but in very different ways. Matthew Perry is the messy guy who messes around and his life is just a big mess. Thomas Lennon is very different because he has everything in order, he shows his feelings and his main mission now is to help Matthew Perry tidy up in his life.

the odd couple online

They both do a great job in The Odd Couple, but I must admit that I really enjoy the way Thomas Lennon plays his role. You might know him from earlier from films such as We’re the Millers and The Dark Knight Rises, but he has also had parts in lots of comedies and TV series like How I Met Your Mother and New Girl.

If you want to see The Odd Couple online there are a couple of ways in which that can be done!

First of all, you can watch new episodes as they are released on the CBS website or at the CBS All Access (subscription needed) or just normally at the CBS website without a subscription. All episodes are available at CBS All Access, while only a few episodes are available for free at the standard CBS website. For more information on how to watch CBS from abroad, visit this article.

You can also watch most episodes of The Odd Couple online on as Instant Videos. There you can buy access to entire seasons at once or just for one single episode a time. Read more about watching Instant Videos from abroad here, or visit to watch The Odd Couple with Matthew Perry and Thomas Lennon online right away.

After two seasons, CBS decided to take The Odd Couple away. I am really sad about it, but at least I enjoyed two seasons. You can now watch both seasons on CBS All Access if you have a valid subscription.

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