Where to watch The Good Place online?

The Good Place is the name of a NBC-series that was launched back in September 2016. It has received fabulous critics and the third season is about to start as I am writing this article.

In The Good Place we meet Kristen Bell, a lady who has just died and ended up in The Good Place. This is the place for those who lived selfless lives on earth and who did way more good than bad. The director of the „The Good Place” is Ted Danson who does his uttermost for everything to be perfect. There is, however, a small problem in the machinery… Kristen Bell has been mistaken for someone else with the same name, meaning that she was not supposed to end up in The Good Place. This is, of course, causing trouble of all sorts, and that is what we see in the first episode of The Good Place which aired on NBC on September 20th back in 2016.

But, how can you watch The Good Place season 1, season 2, and season 3 online? And where?

How to watch The Good Place online?
How to watch The Good Place online?

Watch The Good Place online

If you are in the mood for watching The Good Place online, then you can do so easily on the NBC website. I will for sure watch some of the upcoming episodes as well, and then in a couple of weeks from now, I will finally know whether or not The Good Place is a TV series for the future, or if it will drop dead for me by then.

If you want to watch The Good Place on the NBC website, head over to www.nbc.com. If you want to watch The Good Place online on the NBC website from outside the USA, you will need an American IP address. This is something you can get quite easily, but you can read more about how it is done in the following article on how you can watch NBC overseas.

I once read that it normally takes between 3–7 episodes of a TV series before someone gets hooked up with it, so that is why I will have to watch a couple of more episodes before I can know anything for sure.

You should notice that the episodes will disappear from the NBC website with time, so make sure to watch the newest episodes before they disappear. You might also be glad to hear that you can watch and follow The Good Place online on Hulu. If you have a Hulu subscription go ahead and watch it right away! You can read more about how you can access Hulu overseas in this article.

You can also watch The Good Place in quite a lot of Netflix regions, so make sure to visit Netflix.com to check out if it is available in your region. If you cannot find it, you could consider switching to American Netflix (where you can watch the first two seasons of The Good Place at the moment).

Have you watched The Good Place online?

Have you watched the Good Place online? Did you like the show? What grade would you give it on a scale from 1–10? Based on the first episode I would say that this was a good start, but I am not at all convinced. That is why I would give it a seven! Write down your thoughts if you have the time!

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