How to watch the US Open online?

Would you like to watch the legendary tennis tournament US Open online? Is there a place online where you can see all the crucial matches on the Internet? In this article, I will give you all the necessary information to stream the US Open online.

The US Open was founded in the 19th century and quickly turned into one of the essential tennis championships manually. Since 1987, it has been the fourth and final Grand Slam tournament of the year, making it even more enjoyable. The competition always starts on the last Monday in August, meaning that it runs from the end of August until mid-September.

Would you like to watch this year’s US Open online? Then, it is time for me to show you how it can be done!

watch the us open online

Watch the US Open online!

If you want to stream this year’s US Open online, the best solution is to watch the event on 9Now in Australia. That might sound complicated, but it is really easy. But, there are other options as well so keep on reading to find out which is the best for you.

The first step, no matter which option you choose, is to purchase a VPN subscription to ExpressVPN. This is a brilliant VPN provider with servers in nearly 100 countries worldwide.

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Click the link above to visit the ExpressVPN website. They have a 30-day refund policy. As a result, you can watch the entire US Open and then cancel your subscription and get all your money in return. Or you can keep your subscription and enjoy all the benefits of an ExpressVPN subscription (there are lots of them). I should also mention that one subscription can be used on five devices simultaneously.

The VPN is ready – It’s time to watch the US Open online!

You have bought a subscription to ExpressVPN. What can you do now to stream the US open online (on a legal streaming service)?

Watch the US Open on 9NOW in Australia (free)

The cheapest and best option is to watch the event on 9Now in Australia. They will broadcast the event online for free. The only thing you need is a free 9Now account and you will be ready to stream all the upcoming tennis matches on the streaming service.

  • Purchase an ExpressVPN subscription and install their VPN client on your device.
  • Connect to a server in Australia. This will give you an Australian IP address.
  • Visit the website and register as a free user.
  • Stream the US Open online.
the us open on 9now in australia

You are now ready to stream this and other tennis events on 9Now in Australia.

Are you a sports fanatic? Would you happily pay to stream the US Open online? Would it make you happy to get access to the German Bundesliga, La Liga in Spain, and other fantastic sports events and leagues online in addition to the US Open?

Watch the US Open on ESPN+ in the United States.

ESPN is a very popular sports network in the United States. This is a part of the Disney network, meaning that it is closely related to Disney+ and Hulu. They even have bundle packages that will give you access to all three services.

On ESPN+ you can stream lots of football, motorsports, tennis, and more. But, how can you watch the US Open on ESPN+ if you live elsewhere in the world?

  • Purchase an ExpressVPN subscription and install the application on your device(s).
  • Run the application and connect to a server in the United States.
  • Visit the ESPN website and purchase an ESPN+ subscription.
  • Watch the US Open online.

There is one challenge if you want to purchase an ESPN+ subscription. The service requires you to pay for the service using a payment card issued in the USA. If you live elsewhere in the world this normally comes as a big challenge. What can you do about that?

The solution is to get a virtual American payment card issued by USUnlocked. Once you deposit funds to your card you will get your virtual card number which can be used to pay for ESPN+, Paramount+, Hulu, Disney+, PeacockTV, and other American services.

us open

If you want detailed instructions on how to watch ESPN+ abroad (and how to pay for ESPN+), take a look at the following article.

Who will win the US Open this year?

Who do you believe will win the US Open this year? Which player are you cheering for? Write a comment and let me hear from you.

If you have any questions or face any problems along the way as you try to stream the US Open online, write a comment below and I will do my best to answer all questions as quickly as possible

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