How, where and what to stream on Netflix for Christmas in 2019!

I have already bought quite a lot of Christmas presents and I am really looking forway to the holiday itself. But, what am I going to watch on my TV to get even more of the blessed Christmas spirit into my home? Will Netflix serve me well during the holidays, or will they remind me of Amazon Prime, a terrible place for streaming Christmas content in 2019?

Luckily, Netflix is way better than Amazon Prime. If we just consider the Netflix original productions, they are way better, and they actually have a wide specter of movies available. But, if we also think of the fact that Netflix is available in around 200 nations worldwide, there are lots of awesome Christmas classics that can be streamed on Netflix in one country, that might not be available elsewhere. As a result, you can stream Netflix Christmas movies using a VPN, and thus gain access to beautiful classics in other countries, that you cannot find in your own home country.

Want to know more? Here you have a little video presenting ten Christmas classics worth watching for Christmas.

Not all the movies should be considered real Christmas classics yet, but they have the potential of becoming Christmas classics. The newest movie on the list is Office Christmas Party. I watched it in the cinema a few years ago. It wasn’t an awesome movie, but it still has some potential if you want to laugh and enjoy the Christmas spirit while watching Jennifer Aniston and other stars in a crazy Christmas party in the office.

Some of the real Christmas classics are, of course, on the list. That includes The Holiday, Four Christmases, and Love Actually. I guess many people thought these movies couldn’t be streamed on Netflix for Christmas, but I have looked around and discovered whereto stream them still. So, you don’t have to skip these movies, after all, they are awesome Christmas classics, and yes, you can stream them on Netflix as well.

If you cannot find them, check the clip above to see where these movies can be streamed. Then, sign up for the VPN services of Surfshark VPN and start streaming them straight away!

Surfshark VPNwith 30-day money back guarantee

Once you have the subscription, connect to a server in the nation you are interested in. You will then get access to the full Netflix catalog of that given country, and you will be able to stream the mentioned movie on Netflix immediately. Isn’t that just awesome?

If you want to know more about which VPN providers are the best for Netflix, click the link and find out immediately.

What are your plans for Christmas?

Do you have any special Christmas traditions that make you feel the Christmas spirit? Is listening to music a key in your life, or is it a special meal, or maybe a smell? Or maybe a movie? I would love to hear about your Christmas traditions, your favorite Christmas movies, and whatever might be on your heart!

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