Hulu Live TV is out there – Can I use it in Europe?

Recently the brand new Hulu Live TV was released. It is a service similar to for example DirecTV, Fubo TV and also YouTube TV. Is it better than the others? Should you sign up? Does it work in Europe?

We know for a long time that Hulu Live TV was just around the corner, and in May the ending time came to an end. It was like sunshine after a long rain, and Hulu subscribers and cord-cutters started their Live TV Beta subscriptions right away.

Hulu Live TV in Europe

The Hulu Live TV is a brilliant package, meaning that you get access to live streams from about 50 TV channels, including some of the best sports channels in the United States. You can in other words stream German Bundesliga, Premier League and also Europe League and Champions League with your Hulu Live TV subscription, and besides that you can watch Big Bang Theory live on Hulu, in the same way you can stream Grey’s Anatomy live on ABC. The options are many, but the most important is that these options are all included if you sign up for Hulu Live TV. The price for a Hulu Live TV subscription in which you have a normal Hulu commercial free plan as well is around 43 USD, which is not a bad price at all considering what you get.

Can I watch Hulu Live TV in Europe?

At the moment we are tempted to say that the answer is no, but it will probably change. Hulu has made it hard to watch the live streams abroad, just like YouTube TV did with their services. The only problem with Hulu Live TV is that it can not be used in Windows or at Mac at the very moment. The only platforms on which you can enjoy Hulu Live TV is Xbox, Chromecast, Apple TV (generation 4), Android and iOS. To trick these systems to get access to geo-blocked content you will need to manipulate the location on your Android and iOS device, a VPN is not enough. On Xbox, Chromecast and Apple TV you will need to have a VPN setup on your actual router, which is a bit more complicated than using for example a simple SmartDNS service.

It can for sure be done, but it is quite hard at the moment. As soon as Hulu Live TV comes to Windows it will become much easier to stream the live content in Europe, and we will update our article when that happens. Until then you can read more about how to watch Hulu in Europe right here.

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