How to get access to and watch YouTube TV outside the United States?

The YouTube TV is one of the coolest way to watch American TV channels online. But, how can you get access to YouTube TV abroad? And how can you actually watch YouTube TV outside the US?

It was in the end of February 2016 that YouTube announced that YouTube TV would be launched within a few weeks/months. We are all happy about it, but there are thousands of people outside the USA who suffer from the fact, that the service is only available in the United States. These people have two questions?

  • How can I sign up for YouTube TV outside the USA?
  • How can I watch and use my YouTube TV subscription outside the USA?

Because of those questions we will do our uttermost to answer those in a brilliant and understandable way in this article. If you have questions or comments, just use the comment field in the bottom of the article.

YouTube TV was launched on April 6th, and this article has since then been updated to make sure that all information is correct!

YouTube TV abroad outside the USA

How to sign up for YouTube TV outside the United States?

To sign up for YouTube TV all you need is a Google ID. We first thought you actually need an American Google user, but it seems as if that doesn’t really matter. Give it a try with your current Google ID first, and if you get in trouble, follow the instructions beneath to get a US Google Play user.

The major problem when you want to sign up for YouTube TV outside the United States is the geo-location check that is done in your browser. As you visit YouTube TV your browser will ask you to share your location, and it will look something like this:

youtube tv fetching your location

If you thought you could bypass this problem using a VPN you were very wrong. A VPN is not the solution, but instead you need to make some modifications in your browser, to make your browser fake your current location. We have already written an article on that subject, so press the link to get information on how it can be done. That article was written specifically for the purpose of watching YouTube TV from abroad, so it will be right on the subject and give you all the information that you need.

Originally you did not need a VPN to get an American IP address either, but by the end of May 2017 YouTube TV has implemented a requirement for you to have an American IP address as well. If you try to watch YouTube TV from abroad without a US IP address you will get an error message as you sign up saying: “Uh oh, something unexpected happened.

Uh oh, something enexpected happened
You get this error message if you try to watch/sign up for YouTube TV from abroad without a US IP address

We used ExpressVPN and connected to their VPN server in Chicago. We also had our “fake geolocation” set to Chicago, and once these actions had been made, we could sign up easily for YouTube TV from abroad.

ExpressVPN49% discount - 3 free months

Once you have that done you can sign up and start watching YouTube TV right away.

How to watch YouTube TV abroad (outside the USA)?

If you just skipped to this heading without reading the earlier text, then it is time for you to rewind and go back. The solution has already been described, and there is not really any more text to write here, because the meal has been served and if you followed the instructions given earlier, you should now be ready to stream YouTube TV outside the United States.

Have a good time watching YouTube TV overseas!

We hope you will have a fantastic time watching YouTube TV outside the USA. With YouTube TV you will get access to famous and big TV networks such as Fox, ABC, NBC and CBS? meaning that you can watch 24, The Big Bang Theory, The Blacklist, Blindspot, The Voice, Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, Empire and lots of other great TV series online. And with the unlimited DVR storage, you can watch whatever you want, whenever you want, without a problem.

We will do our uttermost to keep this article updated, but in case you have something to say, a comment or maybe a question, please use the comment field beneath. We will do our best to answer questions as soon as possible, making sure that your YouTube TV experience can be as faultless and enjoyable as possible!

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