I know what I’ll do tonight – Cuckoo season 5!

Cuckoo has come at me with a great surprise for the second time in 6 months. The first surprise was the arrival of season 4 in August 2018, and the second surprise was how suddenly the fifth season suddenly showed up on BBC iPlayer as well!

If you are a frequent reader and visitor of the IP Address Guide, you probably know that we love streaming TV series and movies online, and you might know that Cuckoo is one of our favorites. It should be said that we have a lot of favorites, and we are always eager to discover new favorites – however, Cuckoo for sure is among the top TV series in the comedy series category!

Cuckoo season 5 can be streamed at the BBC website
Cuckoo season 5 can be streamed at the BBC website

And now the fifth season is out. It has actually been out for almost a month, because based on what I can see, it was made available on the BBC website on January 4th. But, it took me 25 days to discover it as I do not visit the BBC website on a regular basis. Today I did, but that wasn’t because of Cuckoo, but because I wanted to do some research for my article on how to watch the Super Bowl online (which also can be done at the BBC website).

Can Cuckoo get better after a little bit disappointing season 4?

I have got to be honest, the fourth season of Cuckoo wasn’t as amusing as the first three seasons. Actually, I believe the first season was the best of them all, then it was a downpoint coming as the “original” Cuckoo left, but once you get used to the new Cuckoo, things started to get better again.

Season 4 was nice to watch as well, but it didn’t give me as many laughs as the first three seasons did. I am, therefore, very curious to see what the fifth season has to bring.

Have you seen Cuckoo season 5 on BBC already? How did you like it? I would love to hear your thoughts about!

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Thank you for reading, and do not forget to share your thoughts about Cuckoo season 5 as you watch the episodes one by one!

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