Changing your Netflix region as you travel within the EU!

Do you have a Netflix subscription in an EU country. You have probably noticed by now that you bring your Netflix subscription and your home-country with you as you travel to another EU country.

Since 2018, EU has created a new law which makes people bring their home-Netflix region with them as they visit other EU countries. As a result, if you have a Netflix subscription in France and you visit Spain, you will still see whatever is available on Netflix in France (and not in Spain).

Until 2018, you would always see the content of your actual nation, but because of the new EU regulations, it has become much harder for EU citizens to change their Netflix region.

British content on Netflix in England
British content on Netflix in England

Is this good or bad?

Those who cling on to their home region – HAPPY PEOPLE

Some will say that it is brilliant. If they started watching a movie at home before they left, they can keep on watching just where they stopped, even if they are in another EU country. As a result, they will feel safe and know that they can stream exactly the same Netflix content during their holiday, and with audio and subtitles available, just like at home.

Those who want adventure and new content – SAD PEOPLE

Then you have those who want the excitement of something new. As you travel abroad and visit a new city, it is to relax and to experience something new. So, doesn’t it feel kind of crappy that EU has regulated your “new” experience by limiting you to your home Netflix region, even when abroad?

What is the difference between the Netflix regions?

As you visit other nations, you will quickly realize that there are quite large differences. For example, lots of nations have a lot of local movies in their catalog, meaning that you can watch a lot of Italian movies on Netflix in Italy (that you cannot see in other Netflix regions). In the same way you will find French content on French Netflix, Spanish content on Spanish Netflix, and Swedish content on Swedish Netflix. In addition, there are lots of difference in international content as well.

For example, in England Netflix is the official distributor of Suits. As a result, just like you get weekly episodes of Suits on TV in the USA, Netflix is broadcasting the new episodes weekly on Netflix in the UK. There are also big differences in movies and other TV series from nation to nation, making it very exciting to look for new and interesting content as you travel abroad.

But again, this isn’t possible if your Netflix subscription is in an EU country and you plan on visiting another EU country.

German Netflix content
German content on Netflix in Germany

What can you do to bypass the EU regulations when it comes your home Netflix region?

We have a YouTube video about how you can watch Suits season 8 online (on Netflix). It turned very popular and we explained how you can use the VPN services of ExpressVPN to unblock UK Netflix and stream it online.

But, then we received a comment from someone saying that it didn’t work, she just got the contents of her home region still! What was the problem? She had a subscription in another EU country, and even if she used a VPN to get access to UK Netflix, it didn’t work. The problem wasn’t with ExpressVPN, and the problem wasn’t with Netflix – it is simply the way the new EU regulations work. So, what can be done if you want to bypass the EU regulations when it comes to switching your Netflix region?

What you can stream on Netflix is very different as you visit different nations!
What you can stream on Netflix is very different as you visit different nations!

Time to cancel your Netflix subscription

This might sound drastic, but it is the solution if you want to change your Netflix subscription as you travel within the EU, or as you use a VPN to change your Netflix region. But, as you cancel your Netflix subscription, it is time to create a new subscription right away.

In the following video, I explain you how this works in detail. But, let me tell it to you here as well (shortly and quickly).

  • Make sure to log out of Netflix with your current user.
  • Use the VPN services of ExpressVPN (click the link to visit their website). Sign up and download their client!
  • Connect to one of their servers in Brazil (which will give you a Brazilian IP address).
  • Visit
  • Start your 30-day free trial in Brazil. (it is almost 40% cheaper than your current Netflix subscription, so you will save a lot of money doing so).
  • You now have a Netflix subscription in Brazil which is cheaper, and also outside the EU.

Now you can travel wherever you want in the world, also inside the EU, and you will always get access to the local content of the country you are in. You can also use the VPN services of ExpressVPN to unblock Netflix in the UK, in the Netherlands, in Canada, in Germany, in the USA, and even some more regions – so you have a lot to look forward to!

What do you think about the EU Netflix regulations?

Do you like the way EU has created this regulation which means that you always bring your home Netflix region with you as you travel within the EU? I can for sure see the advantages of it, but I can also see the weaknesses of it.

I would love to hear what you think of it, so please write a comment to let me know.

If you have any questions related to how you can change your Netflix region as you travel within the EU, or how you can create a brand new Netflix subscription outside the EU, write a comment, and I will do my best to help!

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