IPVanish – Is it good for Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, PeacockTV, HBO Max, BBC, ITV?

Using a VPN is for many about securing their Internet connection and protecting their data from hackers and intruders. But, there is also a large group of people using their VPN subscription for unblocking TV networks and popular streaming services. And then you have those taking advantage of both these functions, and thus secure their online activities and bypass geo-blocks at the same time. But, what is up with IPVanish right now? Can this popular VPN service be used to more than just Internet security?

IPVanish is a US based VPN provider, and it has been around for more than a decade. It might not be the most popular and frequently featured VPN provider right now, but it is still worth mentioning. So, what’s up with IPVanish? Can it be used for unblocking? Which streaming services can be enjoyed with the service?

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IPVanish and security

First of all, IPVanish is a solid and very easy to use VPN provider. They have implemented most of the popular VPN protocols, with the exception of the most modern and fastest VPN protocol named WireGuard. This might be a little minus for some (incuding me), but for most people, the PP2P, OpenVPN, L2TP, and the other protocols included should be more than enough. If your privacy is extremely important, then purchasing a VPN with a US based VPN provider might not be the best, as it can be smarter to purchase a VPN registered in a country without any data-sharing agreement with the USA.

But, if you are all about bypassing geo-blocks, then you don’t really have to care about any of these things.

IPVanish and streaming

I have recently tested IPVanish with several popular streaming services and TV networks, and here I will show you the results. These will help you find out if you consider IPVanish to be an ideal VPN provider for you or not!I have recently tested IPVanish with several popular streaming services and TV networks, and here I will show you the results. These will help you find out if you consider IPVanish to be an ideal VPN provider for you or not!

IPVanish and Netflix

During my tests, I could connect to many of the IPVanish servers in the United States and watch the actual content of American Netflix. In other words, there are several IPVanish servers in the USA that will give you access to the local content on Netflix in the USA.

Netflix IPVanish
It is possible to watch Netflix with IPVanish

As I tested other countries, I never received the proxy and unblocker (VPN) error message. That might trick some to believe that it is working, but it isn’t. Instead, Netflix is showing you a selection of titles available worldwide, and not any of the local content. This can be done as Netflix has the worldwide broadcasting rights for certain shows, and thus, they don’t care about your whereabouts and your VPN connection. But, you will not see any of the local content!

Conclusion: IPVanish can be used to access American Netflix, but is blocked in all other countries.

IPVanish and PeacockTV

PeacockTV is the popular streaming service from NBC. There are lots of free content available, making it very attractive. To avoid abuse, PeacockTV (NBC) has a big list of IP addresses used by VPN providers. If you use such an IP address, you will see an error message as you visit the PeacockTV website. And since IPVanish hasn’t refreshed their service list in quite a while, all their American serviers are blocked by PeacockTV.

peacocktv and ipvanish
You will see a similar error message if you try to watch PeacockTV with IPVanish

For more information on other VPN providers that will help you unblock PeacockTV, check this article.

Conclusion: IPVanish can not be used to watch PeacockTV abroad.

IPVanish and CBS All Access

CBS is a fantastic TV network and it is one of my favorites when it comes to original productions. This is where Big Bang Theory was born, The Young Sheldon, and it is also the home of Star Trek, NCIS, and lots of other TV shows. There are lots of TV programs available for free at the CBS website, and if you have CBS All Access, you can even stream full seasons and see exclusive CBS All Access content. But, can you stream the content using IPVanish?

cbs ipvanish
It is possible to watch CBS with IPVanish.

Yes… you can use IPVanish with CBS and CBS All Access. Since they have lots of servers in the USA, some of them might be blocked, but I succeeded using CBS the first time I tried using IPVanish.

Conclusion: IPVanish can be used to watch CBS and CBS All Access outside the USA.

IPVanish and Hulu

I really like CBS because of their original productions, but Hulu is my favorite streaming service for all the best American TV series not produced by CBS and Netflix. Here you can find the most popular shows from NBC, Fox, ABC, and other networks, and you can also stream a lot of Hulu original content.

Hulu is working hard to block VPN users, and as a consequence, the old IPVanish server park is easily blocked. No matter what you do, you will be greeted by error messages if you try to stream Hulu with IPVanish.

hulu ipvanish
Hulu can see that you are using a VPN.

If you want to learn more about how you can stream Hulu abroad, check this article!

Conclusion: IPVanish can not be used to watch Hulu abroad.

IPVanish and Amazon Prime

Just like Hulu is working hard to block VPN users, so is Amazon Prime in the United States. In other words, they are blocking IPVanish users quickly and efficiently, giving them no chance to watch any Prime content abroad.

ipvanish amazon prime
You will see a similar error message if you try to stream Amazon Videos using IPVanish.

If you still want to watch Amazon Prime abroad, check this article.

Conclusion: IPVanish can not be used to watch Amazon Prime content abroad.

IPVanish and BBC

Let us not forget about the most popular TV network in the UK, BBC iPlayer. Here you can find awesome original productions, and it is also possible to stream BBC live at the website. But, can you watch BBC if you connect to an IPvanish server in the UK?

bbc iplayer ipvanish
You will see such an error message if you try to watch BBC with IPVanish.

Just like most other popoular streaming services, BBC is working hard to keep their VPN barrier up. As a consequence, they are blocking all requests from visitors using IP addresses provided by IPVanish.

If you are desperate to watch Killing Eve or some other BBC production at the BBC website, find out more about how to watch BBC abroad in this article.

Conclusion: It is impossible to watch BBC abroad with IPVanish.

IPVanish and ITV

The final testing object of this article is ITV and their ITV Hub. This is another popular UK TV network, and the home of X-Factor and other great TV shows in the UK. They are very similar to BBC, meaning that they try to block as many VPN providers as possible. That is why IPVanish is blocked by ITV as well.

itv ipvanish
Oops – You cannot watch ITV abroad with IPVanish.

If you try to watch ITV abroad with IPVanish, you will see an error message like the one in the picture above. To find a solution to this problem, check this article.

Conclusion: IPVanish can not be used with ITV in the UK.

IPVAnish and streaming – Conclusion

I guess the conclusion is quite clear if you have read through the article. IPVanish is not the best VPN service for streaming and unblocking, but it will help you gain access to a couple of services. If you want an article presenting what I believe might be the best VPN services for Netflix and streaming currently, I recommend that you check out the following article.

IPVanish would need to make some changes. They need to update and refresh the look of their application, make it easier to use (especially for streaming), and they probably need to change some servers in order for their services to work with more TV networks and streaming sites.

It still is, however, a good VPN, and if you have found it interesting, go ahead and give it a try! Should you have any further comments or questions, please write a comment. I would love to hear from you!

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