Is His Dark Materials worth watching?

His Dark Materials is a co-production between HBO and BBC, and it has taken the best from both studios. It gives you the atmosphere of Harry Potter while taking you back to a time in which the rulers decided what to believe, think, and to say. But, there was one exception, and that was for the scholars. They had the freedom to think and do research, at least that is the way it was said to be. But, His Dark Materials shows that everything doesn’t work the way everyone hopes they would and believed they would.

His Dark Materials review

I have just finished watching the first episode of His Dark Materials online, and it was a great thrill. I had read some good and bad reviews before I got started, and so I didn’t come to the show with high expectations. But, the story quickly took a hold of me and now I look very much forward to watching the remaining three episodes of the first season of His Dark Materials.

What is His Dark Materials all about?

We meet a young girl who is delivered to a school while being a baby. The father refers to the freedom for scholars, which means that she should be considered safe from the rulers of the world (at that time). Twelve years later, we return once again, and now she is a naughty little girl. She is loved by the people of the school, even though she causes them a lot of trouble.

At the same time, her uncle (the one who delivered her to the school during infancy). has seen some materials (dust) and discovered castles and more that is outside the rule of the governing forces. He will most likely be claimed a heretic and might even go to prison for this, and so he causes a stir among the colleagues at the college. But, they decide to support him.

At the same time, there is a storyline in which a gypsy boy is taken captive (he is one of 16 that has been taken). At the same time, our little girl is invited by a mysterious woman to go to London to accompany her for some quests. The night before, her best friend is taken captive (by the same people who have taken the gypsy kids), and now they will find him again together in London. But, can the woman be trusted?

And so the first episode comes to an end. I had to pay attention to some other things while watching, which means that I feared that it would be hard to catch the entire story and the characters, but it ended up being not that hard at all.

And yes, now I look forward to streaming the three upcoming episodes that will make me able to finish season one. Would you like to watch His Dark Materials online as well? Click the link to see a YouTube video showing you how it can be done. Or you can simply watch the video right here immediately.

How do you like His Dark Materials?

Have you seen the first episode or maybe the entire first season? Are you happy with the story and what’s going on so far? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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