Is June gonna be an exciting month for NPXS/NXPSEM holders?

Everyone following the cryptocurrency market speculates and wonder which coin will be the next to boom, or maybe moon? Every month there are speculations about which coins will give you the best profit, and when thinking of June, Pundi X is one of the hot candidates!

There have been many reasons to purchase the NPXS token recently. The token holders have received some very nice valued airdrops every month, but the airdrop period stopped with May 31st, meaning that there are no more airdrops left. Well, that is, you will not be given more NPXS tokens by staking and holding NPXS in the XWallet or at exchanges supporting the airdrop.

Now, this might cause you to think that the price will drop, after all, there is no big airdrop that will attract users anymore. And yes, that might be true, but you can also look at this from a different angle.

No more airdrops, which might lead to an increase in demand

Many people have immediately sold the NPXS tokens they have been given every month. But, considering that no more airdrops will be held, there will not be a constant flow of new tokens on the market. This might lead to an increase in demand, which will give the price a rice.

Earn FX tokens with your NPXS/NPXSEM tokens

Even though there might not be any incoming aidrops, you will still be awarded for staking and holding NPXS/NPXSEM tokens in the XWallet. Currently, you are awarded about 15 FX tokens a month per 1,000,000 NPXS tokens held in the wallet. This might not be a lot, but it is way better than nothing. If we show this in math, this is what the values look like:

1,000,000 NPXS tokens = 779 USD
15 FX tokens = 10 USD

In other words, your 779 USD investment will give you a monthly reward worth around 10 USD. In a year, that is 120 USD, meaning you will earn approximately 15% of your initial investment per year. As we all know, the prices are fluctuating a lot, and who knows what the value of an NPXS token and the FX token will be in a year from now, but as of June 11th in 2019, that is what the math looks like.

The following section of the article might have been true once, but they are no longer correct. The Function X mainnet will NOT be launched in Q2, in fact, the testnet is only expected to launch sometime in Q3. And without the mainnet, there will be no XPhone either (since the mainnet is needed for this to work). In other words, these will be great events when the harvest is ripe, but that is not in June 2019 for NPXS/NPXSEM.

Upcoming Pundi X events (forget about these)

What I have described so far might all lead to a sudden increase in the price of the NPXS token, but these are not at all as important as the expected upcoming events for the NPXS community.

What's happening with Pundi X in June
Events for Pundi X (NPXS/NPXSEM) in June 2019

According to an interview with Crypto Rand and some other sources, the plan is to release the Function X testnet and mainnet in June 2019 (it hasn’t happened so far, so it is still on the to-do list). Now, June is soon coming to an end, meaning that there is a lot of work to do and some announcements to be made if this is going to happen. But, by experience, we know that a mainnet launch normally comes with a price boost, so this in itself has a great potential to stir some action when it comes to the price of the tokens.

The mainnet launch is hot stuff, but the XPhone release to the consumer market is just as interesting, if not even more interesting. This would be a giant leap towards the mainstream market, and it would be a big step for the project in itself. And yes, if they come up with a Tweet saying that the phone will be made available for the mainstream market or certain areas of the world on June 30th, that would for sure give the price a boost.

My spell correction program just wanted to fix an error. It suggests that I write iPhone instead of XPhone. Well, I guess my spelling correction program will grow smarter with time…

We have an exciting June month ahead

We are almost halfway in June already, but there is a lot of excitement in the community and the cryptworld in general. But, the Bitcoin price will heavily influence the Dollar prices of any token, and that makes the market in itself very volatile and difficult to read and predict. But, in itself – Pundi X should have the potential of becoming one of the most interesting coins in the cryptocurrency market in June based on what I have just mentioned in this article.

What do you think? What are your predictions for Pundi X in June? Do you think they will manage to deliver the FX mainnet and the XPhones as mentioned in earlier roadmaps and interviews?

3 thoughts on “Is June gonna be an exciting month for NPXS/NXPSEM holders?

  1. david camicia says:

    The price has become garbage . Zac and his team have travel around the world on investors money while the downward price of the token has made it a shit coin.
    What demand Zac? There is no demand that is why your price is DOWN ! And your team has no clue on what to do next.
    200,000 machines , what a lie.

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