Presearch showing own ads as you search.

Presearch is a cryptocurrency based search engine that can be used to make money while searching the net. With time they will also develop their own search engine, but currently, you can search popular search engines with Presearch and earn money while doing so.

I like the thoughts and I like the philosophy behind it, and it is not a coincidence that I have written about it several times before here in the IP Address Guide. But, I have got to say that I am starting to feel like I am used by Presearch, instead of enjoying the fact that I earn with Presearch. How come?

First some basics about Preserach

Every time you search with Preserach you earn 0,25 PRE token. There is a maximum of 8 Tokens that you can earn per day, meaning a maximum of 32 searches. Currently, the price of a PRE token is 0,032 USD, meaning that you will earn a total of 0,25 USD per day if you search 32 times a day using Presearch.

Now, the value of a PRE token has been much higher earlier, so if you count on a price four times as high as today, you will then be able to earn appx. 1 USD per day with Presearch if you search 32 times a day.

This is the theory behind Presearch. But, what is the problem with the system?

The biggest problem…

The biggest problem is that you need to earn 1000 PRE tokens before you can withdraw anything from the wallet. As of today, 1000 PRE tokens are worth 34 USD. But, if the price would increase, I can easily imagine the value of these tokens becoming 100 USD (or more).

But, to earn 1000 PRE tokens you need to do a total of 4000 searches with Presearch. That is A LOT! This information is given to you beforehand, so they are not tricking you, but still -it is a brutal amount of searches that need to be done, and it will for sure discourage most people along the way. To make it even harder, you cannot search with Preserach using the address bar, but you always need to visit the website. It is easy to make it your start page, but the fact that you cannot search in your favorite search engine with Presearch from the address bar makes it much harder.

Taken advantage of…

The biggest problem might be the 1000 PRE token requirement for withdrawals. But, recently Presearch has also started adding ads to the screen before you get to the actual search results. What does this mean? Presearch is making a whole lot of money showing ads, while I have to suffer for years before I can eventually (and hopefully) make anything using the system.

Presearch is showing me ads before search results are showng...
Presearch is showing me ads before search results are showng…

So, Presearch is making money themselves selling ads to companies, and believe me – the value of such ads is most likely way higher than the value of the PRE token you earn making the searches.

But, that isn’t the full truth. I don’t know this for sure, but as a Google partner (and bing partner etc) you can track searches being made in the other engines, and as the sender of the search request, you can earn fees from Google and Bing. Now, if I had a search engine like Preserch, I would for sure make sure that any search request being made would set me as the “sender”, and thus I would earn a percentage of the ad income Google and other search engines would make from the searches being made.

Again, I cannot deny nor confirm this, but one would be stupid not to take advantage of this… So my guess is, Presearch is getting a nice income from this as well!

Who is suffering?

I believe Presearch might be tricking themselves with this system. Instead of bringing lots of new users, the 1000 PRE token needed to make a withdrawal scares people off and makes them leave the platform. They should rather make it easier to use it, easier to withdraw, and maybe even increase the amount of tokens received per search… to make it more attractive to users.

I don’t mind Presearch making money on ads, nor by receiving income from ad-clicks from Google and Bing, but I definitely think the users should be awarded for using the platform in a much better way… after all, that is what the platform is all about.

What do you think? Do you agree? Do you disagree? Any information I missed in this article that should have been here? I would love to hear your thoughts and comments on Presearch!

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  1. Snorlax says:

    But you are being rewarded in Pre tokens. Also, the advertisers are supposed to spend pre tokens (1 token per 4 impression). That will build up pre’s value.

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