Is StrongBlock still one of the best investments in 2021?

More than 8 months ago, I wrote an article titled: “Why I believe StrongBlock to be one of the safest investments in the cryptosphere in 2021!” To be honest, I didn’t have the slightest clue at that time how correct I would be. I knew that I could trust the team and that it is a cryptocurrency with a bright future. But, I wasn’t able to predict at that time how bright it would actually be.

At the time the article was published (on January 7th in 2021), the price of one StrongBlock token was $26. After I wrote the article, I even saw the price of a StrongBlock token fall to $15. I didn’t really fear that I was knowing, knowing that the very limited supply of tokens (approximately 500,000) would make it impossible for the price of the token to go much lower. And I also knew that the price would explode the minute the demand for the token would increase. And that has happened, just in an even more crazy way than I was able to predict. That is why I believe many of us (including me) were quick to take profit and sold a lot when the price was doubled, just around $50.

But, StrongBlock wanted more, and David Moss and his team have been working very hard since then at developing the platform, the infrastructure, and working on partnerships.

strongblock website

StrongBlock in August 2021

The last week has just been a crazy ride for those who have paid attention to what’s going on with StrongBlock. The price of the token was moving between $200 and $250 for a long time, but then came the rumors about a partnership with Polygon ($Matic), and that was then confirmed only a few hours later. Considering that this is a Top 30 cryptocurrency in the world at the moment, this is considered a great partnership for both Polygon and StrongBlock.

StrongBlock has also launched different NFT collections. These NFTs can be bought at the StrongBlock website (or traded at OpenSea), and if you use them, you can boost the revenue of your nodes currently running on the StrongBlock website. One of the craziest days in the history of StrongBlock NFTs is probably July 15th, a Thursday. On this day, the last 30 Platinum NFTs were sold in less than 24 hours (there are only 100 of them in total). and the price for one such NFT was 80 Strong tokens and 8 Ethereum. I guess this was a perfect example of what FOMO can do to the market.

But, what does the future hold for StrongBlock?

Currently, the price of a Strong token is $330 and you can buy 10 Strong tokens with one Ethereum token.

Is StrongBlock still a great investment in 2021?

The price of a StrongBlock token has increased 13x since I published the initial article 8 months ago. Is it still worth buying? Is it a safe investment for the future? What are my thoughts right now?

Here are some of my thoughts about the future of StrongBlock

First of all, I still trust the project. Just like I wrote in my first article, David Moss (StrongBlock CEO) is active in the community, and his face is popping up in Twitter videos, YouTube interviews, AMAs and so much more. He is a man with a name in the crypto world, and he wouldn’t risk his reputation and name, if he didn’t really trust the project and if he didn’t believe it had a future. This comes as a big plus!

StrongBlock has a very limited supply! This is just incredibly important! One should never forget about this fact. The total supply of tokens is a little bit more than 500,000 tokens. If somebody would decide that they would want to buy 10,000 tokens, it would greatly impact the price, simply because it is very limited. If StrongBlock releases news about new partnerships and they get even more attention, this is a token that can easily double in price very quickly! At the same time, the limited supply makes it hard for the token to dump, simply because there are too many people eager to pick up more tokens.

If you invest in StrongBlock, you can either use your tokens for mining or use them to set up a node or to just hold them in your wallet. The last option is somewhat boring, but then you are free to sell the tokens at any time. If you use them for mining at the StrongBlock website, you will currently enjoy a 50% APY. There are some fees for adding the tokens to the mining pools and also for unmining the tokens, but they are minimal compared to the rewards you will receive. The highest rewards come from creating a node. As of today, the price for setting up an Ethereum node is 10 Strong, and it will take you approximately 105 days for that amount to be returned. After that, everything you earn with the node comes as a plus.

What else? Take a look at the picture below. And then take a closer look at the background of the picture. David Moss used this as a background to his tweet that was released on June 5th in 2021.

strongblock david moss

Do you see the names of the platforms mentioned? If you have followed the project, you already know that a Sentinel partnership is up and running, and so is the Polygon partnership. But, what about the rest? Can you imagine what will happen to the StrongBlock platform and the token price if StrongBlock comes up with partnerships with Binance Smart Chain, Fantom, Polkadot, Cosmos, Solana, Tezos, and XDai? It shouldn’t be surprising to see the word optimism in the background image!

Of course, I cannot guarantee that all those protocols will enter into partnerships with StrongBlock, but I don’t think David Moss would have added them to the background if he didn’t know that it might very well happen in the future!

A few things you should take into consideration before you invest money in StrongBlock

If you set up a node on the StrongBlock website right now, you will receive 0.1 Strong tokens (the actual number is a bit lower) per day in reward. With more than 70,000 nodes up and running, that means that more than 7000 Strong tokens are handed out daily in rewards. With a total supply of around 500,000 tokens, this will be hard to keep up when the number of nodes will grow. As a result, one can expect the daily rewards to be lowered sometime in the near future. In other words, it might take 100 days today to “earn back” your initial node payment of 10 Strong, but if they decide to lower the rewards in the future (something they for sure will), then the time it will take to earn back your initial investment will suddenly grow.

If you decide to just mine with your Strong tokens or just store them in your wallet, then this isn’t something you need to think about!

You should also notice that the crypto market is currently booming. The price of 1 Etheruem is almost $3400, which isn’t very far from the ATH (all-time-high). Less than a year ago, the price of one Ethereum $340. In other words, the price of Ethereum has increased 10x compared to the price it had in August 2021. What does this mean? If the crypto market should go red and dump seriously, then the price of StrongBlock will fall as well. I highly doubt that it will fall as much as most other tokens due to the limited supply, but if the market should crash seriously, StrongBlock will also suffer.

What is the conclusion? Is StrongBlock still a good investment in 2021?

If there are any good investments in the crypto world in 2021, I believe StrongBlock should be on the list. The entire industry is filled with risk, but I still believe StrongBlock to be one of the lowest risk projects around, simply because of the interests you receive, the credibility of the team, the limited supply, the existing and the upcoming partners, and so much more!

I hope you have found this article to be interesting. I would love to hear from you, so please share your thoughts about StrongBlock, the project, and about the future of the token!

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