StrongBlock in July 2022… is it dead? What’s up with the Fantom nodes, Ethereum nodes, rewards cap, and more?

It is really hard to imagine that the price per STRONG token was more than $1000 in November 2021. At the moment, the same token is trading at $6 and the STRNGR token (which has become the new reward token) is worth less than $3. But, we shouldn’t judge a project by the price only. Read More

Thor Financial is changing its claim tax system, punishing those who claim frequently and rewarding those who wait for more than 28 days!

There are lots of node protocols out there (NaaS) and StrongBlock is the most famous of them all. But, if you start to ask people about other node protocols, there is little doubt about the fact that Thor Financial (Thor Nodes) might be the second most famous (and popular). But, seeing that the price was Read More

My price predictions for $STRONG and $STRNGR – Which is the best investment?

It has almost been a week since the StrongBlock upgrade which gave us the STRNGR token, and that also made the STRONG token drop a lot in value and totally lose all its use-case. The price of both STRONG and STRNGR have dropped a lot since then, and currently, you can buy one STRNGR at Read More

Five cryptocurrencies that I would invest in with a 2-year perspective!

Today I wanted to write an article that I do not want to call science, just a little fun project for myself. What is it all about? We all want quick gains and that is often our biggest favorite of them all. But, let us say that you have a perspective of two years. What Read More

STRONG to STRNGR upgrade starts today – What you need to know!

On April 3rd, we listened to the StrongBlock AMA and created a short wrap-up giving information about all the topics covered in the conversation. Yesterday, a Medium article was released giving further information about the upgrade/migration which is supposed to start today, on April 5th. Here we will give you the most important information! First Read More