Is the Joaquin Phoenix movie Joker on Netflix? When will it come to Netflix? How to watch Joker online?

If you want to see an actor with great talent, you better watch the movie Joker from 2019 starring Joaquin Phoenix. He won an Oscar award for his job, and it was well deserved. Have you seen Joker already, but now you want to watch the movie over again? Or have you never seen Joker before, and now you would like to stream Joker on Netflix? Is it possible to watch Joker on Netflix? When will Joker come to Netflix?

I watched Joker in the cinema and I immediately loved the movie. It is not a cheerful movie. To be honest, it is almost depressing. It is showing how the famous character from the Batman movies named Joker came into being. And it is very tragic. But, the way in which Joaquin Phoenix did his role was so amazing that I couldn’t do anything else than to love the movie.

Joker on Netflix

When will Joker come to Netflix?

I cannot say for sure when Joker will come to Netflix where you live. It might come soon, or it might not come at all. The only information that I can give you for sure, is that you can currently watch Joker on Netflix in one single country, and that is in Australia, Germany, and in the Netherlands.

Yes, you read it correctly. Joker is on Netflix in Australia, Germany, and the Netherlands!

This might be depressing news for you, but I hope I will be able to cheer you up. It is very easy to watch Joker on Netflix, even though it is only available to those living in Germany, Australia, and the Netherlands. If you use the VPN services of either ExpressVPN or SurfsharkVPN, you can easily get a local IP address in any of those countries that will help you watch all the movies and TV series available on Netflix in those countries, including Joker.

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So, how can I watch Joker on Netflix?

You have already done the hard job. You have read this article and you have bought a VPN subscription. Now, run the VPN application (after you have downloaded it to your computer, phone, tablet, smart-TV, or other device), and connect to a server in one of those countries (Germany and the Netherlands are recommended).

The magic has already happened. Now you need to visit or to open your Netflix application. If you do a quick search for Joker, you will find the movie, and you can watch it on Netflix immediately.

Don’t wait for Joker to come to Netflix!

My best suggestion is that you shouldn’t wait for Joker to come to Netflix in your country. The truth is, it might never come. If you are eager to watch the movie (something you should be), follow these instructions and watch Joker on Netflix today.

When you have finished the movie, look through the content on Netflix in Japan to find more amazing movies and TV series unavailable at your current location.

If you want to discover even more entertainment, connect to servers in the USA, Canada, UK, and/or in the Netherlands. Both ExpressVPN and SurfsharkVPN will give you access to all the content available on Netflix in these countries!

I hope you will enjoy watching Joker on Netflix!

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