Is there a way in which I can earn money writing movie reviews?

Are you having a little writer on your inside? Would you love to write movie reviews? Are you hoping that maybe you could make an actual income from writing? It is absolutely possible, but the solution might not be the one you expected!

Life is in large about taking your destiny in your own hands. It is not about waiting for someone else to do a miracle for you, but instead, it is about being the miracle yourself. That is why you need to take the needed steps yourself in order to get further in life. Maybe you don’t know where to start, and that is why you thought you could combine your love for movies and TV series with writing, and maybe make in income from it.

It is possible to start your own blog somewhere, but whether or not you will make any money from it, is very uncertain. That is why I would like to recommend a different solution. It is called Steem and it is a cryptocurrency based platform. It has its own tokens called Steem and SteemDollar. How does it work?

How can I make money writing about movies and TV shows on Steem?

But, if you want people in love with movies, Netflix, TV series, and similar content to find your material, the best place to publish your articles is in the Netflix & Streaming community. Click the link to visit the community and subscribe to the community.

Earn money writing movie and TV show reviews.

In the image above, you can see the arrows pointing towards the button where you can subscribe to the community, and to the button where you can publish a new post in the community. If you do that, everyone in the community will at once see what you are publishing, and you will have the chance to earn a little bit right away.

How does the Steem platform work?

When you create a new account on Steem, you will immediately get your own personal wallet. You will also get the keys to your wallet which you need to write down and take very good care of.

When you publish an article and people vote for it, you will get the funds from the votes to your wallet after seven days. That means the article payout is exactly seven days after you published it. In this period, you need to get as many votes as possible.

But, there is a difference in the voting weight. When you get your wallet, it is, by default, empty. But, when you write more and more and get more votes, your wallet will start to have Steem tokens inside of it. The more Steem tokens you get, the more your vote will be worth. That is why a vote from a so-called “whale” on the platform (one with thousands of tokens) can be way more worth than 100s of votes from people with empty wallets. You will quickly discover this as you use the platform!

The more tokens you have, the greater the chance of also earning passively by voting for the content of others. How come? The income from the articles is divided 50%/50% between the actual writer and also those voting for it. The more tokens you have, the more your vote is worth, and the higher your curation award will be. It might seem strange now, but you will quickly understand it!

This is almost everything you need to understand in order to get started. You can also write about all other topics on the platform, and there are lots of communities worth checking out in addition to the Netflix & Streaming community!

Some tips for your reviews

Whenever you decide to write something, I encourage you to make it personal. Include your own thoughts and let the community know why you enjoyed the movie or why you hated the movie. Include some basic concepts about the story, and feel free to give it a rating. It can also be wise to look through some of the other reviews published to see how other people do it!

Do not forget that the community members love to read articles and comment, so make sure to be interactive and reply to all the comments you might get on your articles!

Are you ready to go? If you have read this article and decide to give it a try, please write a comment below and let me know about it, and I will make sure to give you a little welcome to Steem upvote personally!

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