Is The Luminaries on Netflix? Yes!

The Luminaries is the name of a BBC series published in 2020. It has received fabulous critics, but it has been impossible to find on Netflix, until now! So, is The Luminaries on Netflix? Yes! Where can I find The Luminaries on Netflix? I am about to answer that question as well!

The luminaries on bbc

I was quite surprised to see The Luminaries on Netflix already, after all, it is a quite new BBC series. But, just like the newest season of The Blacklist (an NBC series) came to Netflix in India way earlier than it came to any other country, the same can be said about The Luminaries. The answer has already been given if you paid attention. You can watch The Luminaries on Netflix in India.

How can I stream The Luminaries on Netflix

The only way to watch this BBC series on Netflix is by getting access to the content on Indian Netflix outside the country. That might sound complicated. Do I need big technical skills to fix it? Do I need to know to program to change my IP address? Are you asking yourself questions like these ones? Well, it is way easier, and you do not need any technical skills or knowledge to fix it. The only thing you need is a VPN subscription.

However, just any kind of VPN subscription isn’t enough. You will need a VPN subscription to the VPN services of SurfsharkVPN. If you want to know more about SurfsharkVPN, take a look at the following review for more general information.

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When you have purchased a subscription to SurfsharkVPN, download their VPN client and connect to a server in India. This will give you an Indian IP address that works with Indian Netflix. Now it is time to visit or to open your Netflix application. If you do a search for The Luminaries, you will find it and you can start to stream the show immediately.

If you don’t want to watch it on Netflix, you can also watch The Luminaries on BBC iPlayer.

I have earlier written an article about how you can watch BBC iPlayer abroad. This is the home of The Illumaries, and it might be the number one and most popular place to stream this British series. You can read the article on how to watch BBC iPlayer abroad right here. Since you already have a SurfsharkVPN subscription, just follow the instructions, but use SurfsharkVPN instead of ExpressVPN.

You will be able to watch The Luminaries on the BBC website in a few minutes (if you prefer that).

What is The Luminaries all about?

There is a gold rush in New Zealand in the 1860s. Lots of settlers come to discover the area and to find gold. Amongst them, we meet two strangers who are bound together in a strange way in a story spiced with love, murder, intrigue and so much more.

This is a typical costume drama, produced in a way we know and love them so well from the UK.

Have you seen The Luminaries? How did you like the show? Do you need help watching The Luminaries on Netflix? Write a comment and I will answer and help as quickly as possible!

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