Iunne Ennui – The Final Episode of Blindspot

Blindspot is now a TV series for the history books. The final episode aired on July 23rd in 2020, and the episode was titled Iunne Ennui. It was a worthy finish for this series, and to be honest, we should be really grateful for the chance to see it, because for a long time, we were given the impression that Blindspot would finish without a real final season.

The final episode of Blindspot is a true walk down history lane, with Jane Doe as the main character. The entire episode is really about her, and especially as we see her hallucinations in which most of the main characters from the TV series show up in one way or another. NBC has done a great job bringing back the actors from the earlier seasons, and it also helped making the final episode a worthy finish to the story in itself!

Final episode of Blindspot
Jaimie Alexander as Jane Doe in the final episode of Blindspot

Before the final episode, we were all curious to find out what would happen to Jane after she was stuck in a room with ZIP gas. That is, she was just about to lose her remembrance of everything once again. Could that be the end of the story that we were all hoping for? I had a feeling something would be done to fix the problem. I thought, maybe, she couldn’t be exposed once more, since she had been exposed once already. But, instead, it was a cure developed by Patterson that made Jane able to wake up with her remembrance in order.

Still, they were in a hurry to capture Dabhur Zahn who wanted to blow up a bomb that would make millions suffer from a memoryloss like the one Jane actually had. To find the answers and locations needed, Jane Doe has to look to her unconscious to remember things she had heard. Thanks to her, they find the right locations, and they even manage to find the bomb. But, it is too late?

The end of Blindspot – Was it a worthy finish?

As the story comes to an end, we are actually given two different possible versions of the end. But, considering how Jane is coming back to the actual happy dinner with all her friends in the end, I guess it means that she survived and so did the rest, and the bomb didn’t go off. No matter what, the bomb didn’t go off, but the series do philosophy on the topic if Jane died or not. But, once again – it seems as if she survived together with her friends.

A few months later, they are all happy together eating a celebratory dinner. Tasha has her baby, Bill Nye is together with his daugther (Patterson) again, and Jane and Kurt seems to live happily together. As you see, it was a happy ending, after a long and dangerous road.

All the agents were sent away from the task force, which means that they are unable to return, which also helps give us all closure. Of course, it wouldn’t be a problem to create a Blindspot 2 in which the former task force is called in to solve an unsolveable case, but due to the lack of popularity, I don’t think that will ever happen.

Are you eager to watch the final season of Blindspot yourself? You can watch many of the episodes on the NBC website, and you can also stream quite a lot on PeacockTV (the new streaming service of NBCUniversal). You can watch the first four seasons of Blindspot on Netflix in a few countries, but we will still have to wait a bit for the fifth season to arrive!

Have you seen the final season of Blindspot? How did you like it? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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