KlimaDAO and HectorFinance are finally booming! What about the rest? Still a long way to go!

We have had a one-day delay in publishing the results of the rebase token experiment this time, but we hope you haven’t suffered too much waiting for the results to come. But, this time we are at least able to come up with some news, at least compared to last week when every single project produced a negative result when it comes to the value of the token. This week 8 out of 13 projects kept on the negative cycle, but there were two great exceptions – KlimaDAO and HectorFinance. It should also be mentioned that Wonderland and FantOhm also came up with a positive price movement in the same period, and the same is true about FortressDAO.

Rebase tokens results

If you take a look at the graph above, you can see that KlimaDAO almost had a 70% value increase in the last eight days, while HectorFinance had a price increase of 30% (these are including the rebase rewards).

KlimaDAO has been one of the bumpiest and lousiest rides in the history of crypto, and considering that many investors bought at prices way above $1000 per token, there is no APY that would cover for those losses. But, for the sake of the project and the environment, we still cheer greatly for the team and we do hope that they will keep on the success from the last eight days and produce a similar plus in the upcoming week as well. No matter what, KlimaDAO is still down more than 88% compared to our initial investment value, so there is a long way up!

HectorFinance has been working hard all along the way, but the price has still fallen a lot. It has had a 30% growth in value in the last eight days, and if you check the graph above, you can also see that it is the project that has the tiniest loss compared to the initial investment value (meaning that it has performed better than all the other tokens). If the team could manage to keep the price at the current levels (or maybe push it even higher), then that number will look better and better as time goes by.

The biggest disappointment is for sure OlympusDAO, the mother of them all, but still not capable of keeping the price. Somehow, I do believe that OlympusDAO will stick around for a while, but it would be nice to see that the price would start to stabilize and then move upwards instead of just constantly losing value every single week.

Many people also spoke warmly of REDACTED and their BTRFLY token, but that has also been a grave disappointment, not only to us and the experiment, but to other investors all around the world. It was trading at $2500 not long ago, and now the price of the token is $125. That is one brutal price drop as well.

Where are we going from here?

Our initial investment of more than $10,000 is currently valued a bit more than $2000. Even though we have seen some positive number in the last eight days, there is still a very long way to go in order for that number to look nicer. The question is which projects and teams will be able to go in the front and be the one to bring success to their protocol and investors?

What do you think? Is there still hope for any of these protocols? Which ones do you believe in?

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