Learn more about Bitcoin on Netflix

Less than seven years ago one could buy a Bitcoin for less than 1 USD. Today you have to pay almost 4500 USD to get hold of one, and tomorrow you will probably have to pay even more. What is Bitcoin? How did it come to be? How is it working? Is Bitcoin safe? Do you have these and other Bitcoin questions? Learn more about the most famous cryptocurrency in the world at Netflix.

Bitcoin is a currency that brings a smile to the faces of hundreds of thousands of people, while a similar amount of people probably think of Bitcoin with sadness in their heart. The first group of people is incredibly happy, as they are owners of Bitcoin, and as a result, they can consider themselves to be quite rich today.

The other group of people consists of those who once owned a Bitcoin, but then sold it at an early stage, or those who once considered buying Bitcoin, but instead went into the grocery store and bought chocolate instead. Had they bought three pieces of Bitcoin instead of chocolate back then, they would have owned Bitcoin valued more than 10,000 USD today.Banking on Bitcoin

But again, what is Bitcoin about?

We will not try to answer that question in this article. Instead, we want to say thank you to Netflix for making the movie “Banking on Bitcoin” available in most Netflix regions all across the globe. If you can not find it in your local Netflix region, then you can for sure watch it on American Netflix, but as far as we know, you can stream it in all available Netflix regions.

We have just watched it, and it gave a very nice introduction to Bitcoin. In the movie, you learn more about its beginning, who created it and why, its early days, and how it evolved into becoming what it is today. You should know that by the time the movie hit theaters in the start of 2017 the price of one Bitcoin was around 1000 USD. Now, eight months later the value is about 4,5 times higher, giving it a current value of around 4500 USD. Will it keep on rising? Some people say it won’t,  but in a world like the one we live in right now, it is very likely to keep on growing in value.

Are you ready to learn more about Bitcoin? Go ahead and watch the movie on Netflix right away.

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