La La Land coming to HBO Now

Have you been waiting for La La Land to come to some online streaming service? In September the waiting time will be over as La La Land is coming to HBO Now.

We are not looking forward to the arrival of La La Land. It was such a boring movie that we didn’t manage actually to finish it. For that reason, we would much rather stream Blues Brothers on HBO Now in September, especially considering the fact that the movie will leave the streaming service on September 30th. We are not against musicals, but La La Land was just boring.

La La Land on Amazon

If you are a fan of Ryan Gossling and Emma Stone, then you might want to watch the movie. For more information on how you can watch La La Land on HBO Now from abroad, check out the following article.

Other movies coming to HBO Now

There will be quite a lot of other films coming to HBO Now in September as well. On the list of theatrical premieres the biggest titles are La La Land, Assasin’s Creed and Why Him. But, we should also mention the arrival of Traders, A Monster Calls and Hidden Figures.

Are you ready to stream some great content on HBO Now? Go ahead, and have a good time doing so!

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