Lethal Weapon is back

Lethal Weapon had its premiere as a TV series on Fox recently, and we have just taken a look at the first episode. The conclusion is that this is perfect for Lethal Weapon fans!

We are not giant fans of the original Lethal Weapon films with Mel Gibson and Danny Glover. We have however seen all of them, and they are absolutely worth watching for those in love with a mixture of action and comedy. And if you have seen them, you will for sure recognize the characters in the Lethal Weapon TV series on Fox.

The pilot episode of Lethal Weapon for sure had a goal to introduce the characters Martin Riggs and Roger Murtaugh to us. They succeeded well, and the characters are exactly the same as in the films with the same name. Martin Riggs is suicidal after loosing his wife and Roger Murtaugh is careful and care for his life, but still a great cop. Together they make a team like water and fire, but somehow it still works out very fine and for the good of the city.

Lethal Weapon, the TV series had its premiere on Fox earlier this week

Why we liked Lethal Weapon

After watching the pilot episode of Lethal Weapon we can clearly say that we like the TV series. That does not mean that we will watch all episodes as our time is limited, but the concept is great and it is 100% perfect for those in love with humor and comedy at the same time. Marin Riggs is played by Clayne Crawford and Roger Murtaugh is played by Damon Wayans. They both play their roles in a great way, and it doesn’t take much time to forget the faces of Danny Glover and Mel Gibson and get used to these newcomers instead.

Want to watch Lethal Weapon online?

If you want to watch Lethal Weapon online then you can do so at the Fox website. Their streams are available for free, but you will be interrupted by commercials quite often. To watch Lethal Weapon online on the Fox website you will need an American IP address, but that is something you can easily acquire using  a VPN provider.

Another option if you want to watch Lethal Weapon is to watch it on Hulu. Since they have a commercial free version available this is the best way to watch Lethal Weapon online without having to watch any commercials at all.

Fox will broadcast one new episode of Lethal Weapon every week, so get ready for episode number two Surf N’ Turf which will be aired on September 28th in the USA. The third episode which is called Best Buds will air on Fox on October 5th!

[stbpro id=”info”]The pilot episode of Lethal Weapon had around 7,8 million viewers in the USA. That is more than the second episode of Blindspot which had 6 million viewers. The question is whether it can keep that number of viewers up, or if it will drop after the pilot episode?[/stbpro]


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