Macgyver is back

macgyer-on-cbsLast week we wrote an article on how Lethal Weapon is back. Now our old hero Macgyver has just returned as well. Is the new Macgyver just as cool as the old one?

Macgyver is a traditional CBS series with Richard Dean Andersen in the role as the super man Macgyver. He is able to create bombs out of nothing and he sees opportunities and possibilities in everything. The original Macgyver ended long time ago after a total of around 140 episodes. Now a new and younger version of Macgyver is back, and it shares lots of things with the original Macgyver series.

The new Macgyver series on CBS

You can watch the new Macgyver episodes on CBS. If you have CBS All Access you can get access to the episodes just shortly after they have been originally aired on CBS in the USA.

In the new version we meet lots of the same characters, but with some changes. Jack Dalton is very important, but a much more dangerous and fighting character than in the original story. Macgyver is quite similar, but still much more modern in his fighting style. Instead of a male Thornton (director), we meet another Thornton behind the wheel and this time she is a lady. It is also by the end of the first episode that the Phoenix Foundation is created to be the organization Macgyver does his work from.

Is the new Macgyver for former Macgyver fans?

If you liked the former Macgyer episodes, then you will find the new Macgyver to be very similar. In a way the new version of Macgyer can be compared with the original Sherlock Holmes and the BBC version of Sherlock. Instead of just watching the explanation as it is given by Macgyver, we also see the keywords coming to the TV screen, making the story come even more alive. The production is of course more modern, but in the bottom we find the true old Macgyver.

We therefore believe that old Macgyver fans will enjoy the new Macgyver, at least if they do not mind all the action. Based on the first episode Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes do not give Macgyver such a great score. But, that might change with time. What do you think?

Have you seen the first episode of Macgyver on CBS already? Did you like it?

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