The Mindy Project season 5 is on Hulu

The Mindy Project is one of the most popular TV series on Hulu and maybe the most popular of all Hulu original series. You can now watch The Mindy Project season 5 on Hulu.

It was on October 4th that the fifth season of The Mindy Project arrived to Hulu. Mindy is the clumsy doctor who has changed a lot throughout the years, but she is still the cute and clumsy doctor. The Mindy Project is one of the reasons many use to actually have their Hulu subscription going, and lots of people outside the USA have felt sorry about The Mindy Project only being available on Hulu. Luckily there are ways in which you can access Hulu outside the USA as well, and lots of The Mindy Project fans across the world rejoice in such methods as well.

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TVLine wrote a long article on the premiere of the fifth season of The Mindy Project on Hulu. In the end of their article they gave their readers a chance to share their thoughts on the first episode. Based on the around 40% said that the opening episode was awesome, followed by 25% who found it to be very good. Have you seen the opening episode as well? How would you rate it?

Do you have time for the fifth season of The Mindy Project?

We are really busy watching all sorts of TV series at the moment. The autumn of 2016 has brought lots of new TV series to our interest, and we are still trying to find out which one we like and which ones we can easily miss out on. Macgyver is an example of such a show that seemed to start well, but we would not cry at all if we missed out on an episode or two. The CBS viewers seem to rate the show the same way as can be seen on a quite big drop in viewers between the first, the second and the third episode. If it continues to drop it might turn into a quick burial for the new and modern Macgvyer.

But, Macgyver is not the only show we are following. There are lots of other shows and that is why we will not prioritize the fifth season of The Mindy Project (at the moment). Maybe in the future months, but until then – you go ahead and watch The Mindy Project season 5 on Hulu instead!

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