Mixed feelings about the return of Mike Ross in Suits season 9!

I have been looking forward to the return of Mike Ross in Suits season 9 for a long time. The rumors had it that he would return around halfway into Suits season 9, and I have been waiting for this moment since the rumors came out.

For some reason, I expected Mike Ross to come with a helping hand to help a company in need, and that is what his re-appearance would be all about. Well, I was very wrong, and that kind of disappointed me.

Mike Ross is a brilliant character and a very good friend of Harvey Specter and the other people in the office (except Samantha Wheeler player by Elisabeth Heighl who only appeared in the show after he left). So, based on the trailer that was released before the season release as well in which we get to see Mike Ross show up telling to Harvey that he always shows up for a friend, I believed he would be here as a friend to help his mates. But again, that isn’t what happened, at least not in Suits season 9 episode 5.

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Mike Ross appears in Suits season 9 episode 5...
Mike Ross appears in Suits season 9 episode 5…

Why did Mike Ross return in the fifth episode of Suits season 9?

Mike Ross is showing up to help a client who feels abused. He signed a contract to do commercial for a clothing company, but he then discovered that the clothing company produced clothes in a very unethical way. Harvey Specter and the company works for the employer, while Mike Ross wants to help the athlete. Who has justice on their side? Probably Mike Ross, as he clearly wants to help a person stop incorrect use of cheap labor abroad, but at the same time, the intentions of the basketball player aren’t really that nice. He wants to move on with all the money, while also making the name of the other company dirty. And after that, he will start a business working in a more ethical way, producing very similar products.

The entire deal is kind of messy, and both Mike and Harvey have right in their very own way. But, will this case get in between them as friends? Or can they keep their friendship running, no matter which of them actually wins the case?

That is what you will find out as you watch Suits season 9 episode 5!

The fact that the episode placed Harvey and Mike against one another is what I didn’t like so much. I was hoping for them to fight side by side as best friends, but instead I got the opposite Luckily, they both seem to be adults enough to understand the difference between work and life outside work, but still, it is hard not to crack for them both.

I do hope Mike Ross will return for more episodes, and hopefully, as a friend, and also to work together with Harvey and the other colleagues, and not just against them.

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