Moonwalking problem when using STEPN: Why does my STEPN register me as moonwalking even though everything is supposed to be okay and the GPS signal is perfect?

There are few things as annoying as moonwalking in STEPN. I have been there myself, in fact, I have probably spent hours doing activities not registered by STEPN because I was moonwalking without realizing it before it was too late. But, what is causing this to happen? Is it a bug in the STEPN application or what is causing this error? In this article, I will give you a few tips regarding how you might be able to solve the problem.

The problem with moonwalking in STEPN is that it means that your movements are not registered properly and in order to combat people trying to trick the system, it automatically sets you into a moonwalking movement status. It doesn’t harm you in any way, except for the fact that you are moving within earning anything (nor do you spend any energy). But, if you have set aside 15 minutes each day for STEPN, then it is quite annoying to realize after 15 minutes that nothing has been registered at all, meaning that you need to start all over again.

So, what can be done to fix the moonwalking problem? What is causing it in the first place?

How to fix moonwalking in STEPN

1. Make sure to check the quality of your GPS signal and stay outside in open areas

Whenever you start STEPN and your activity, you will see a GPS signal in the upper right corner. This should show you three green bars, meaning that you have a brilliant GPS signal. If this is showing red bars, you are in trouble, and you will easily fall into the moonwalking error. It is also important to understand that STEPN is built for outdoor activity, meaning that you cannot use it to run within a shopping mall or in very crowded forests which might cause a poor GPS signal (if you are covered by lots of trees).

If you are insecure about whether or not you can run in the nearby forest or not, give it a try and compare it with running under the open sky. If you get the moonwalking error in both places, the error is elsewhere. If you only get the moonwalking error while running in the forest, run somewhere else!

A piece of advice from STEPN Is also to download the GPS Status & Toolbox app from Google Play Store or Apple Store. Go outside and check how many satellites are registered for you. If it is only 1 or 2, you might be in trouble. If there are more, everything should be fine.

2. Do you have a mobile data package with data available?

A few days ago when I was running I suddenly got error messages that I was moonwalking and that the network was unavailable. I didn’t understand anything at all, at first, but then I had a feeling that I didn’t have more data in my mobile package. And I was correct. And if you do not have any data left, you will not be able to report properly to the application, your movements will not be registered properly, and you will be stuck without rewards, and probably end up in moonwalking mode.


3. It might be your phone and its hardware that causes you to moonwalk in STEPN

This was an error cause that I didn’t even think of (before I suffered myself). First of all, make sure that you have given the STEPN application access to your GPS location and to register your movement. Most people give those permissions as they use STEPN for the first time so this isn’t normally a problem.

The next thing you can do is download an application called Pedometer. This is a simple tool for measuring your steps. Go for a two-minute walk and check that it is actually measuring your steps. If it doesn’t, something is not working well on your phone and you probably need a different/better device. But, even though the Pedometer application works properly, you might still struggle with STEPN as it is somewhat sensitive.

I have tested this on a Redmi 9A (Xiaomi) and the Pedometer app registered everything perfectly, the GPS signal was brilliant, I had data available, but I still got the moonwalking error. My final attempt then was to start the STEPN application once again and then to start my new activity. Now, this is what you have to check. Is the application measuring your steps constantly? Or does it say 10, and then it just stops and nothing is happening… and then maybe later it jumps to 50 (or it doesn’t increase at all)?

crappy phone cause moonwalking stepn

STEPN should constantly measure your steps. If it isn’t, something isn’t functioning as it should. STEPN needs to constantly measure your steps. If not, you will end up moonwalking. And if your phone doesn’t support constantly transmitting your steps to STEPN, you will get the moonwalking error. This is once again to counteract cheaters who try to take advantage of the system and the rewards.

What can you do to solve this? You most likely need to use a different phone. Sad to say it, but try with a different phone and see if it gives you better luck or not. It helped me!

4. Wait until the cooldown period is finished

Have you just transferred a sneaker from a different wallet to a new wallet? If so, there is a 24-hour cooldown period that you have to wait before you can use STEPN to earn GST tokens. Wait out the cooldown period, and you should be good to go!

I hope this article has helped you solve the problem or at least understand the source of your problem. But, if you have discovered what the actual problem is, then you should also be able to solve it in one way or another!

If you have further questions, comments, or insights on the topic of moonwalking, write a comment below and let me hear from you.

4 thoughts on “Moonwalking problem when using STEPN: Why does my STEPN register me as moonwalking even though everything is supposed to be okay and the GPS signal is perfect?

    • Thomas Stein says:

      To be honest, I have a newer Xiaomi phone as well, and it works with STEPN, but it is not at all as good in registering my steps as other phones from other brands (and older Xiaomi models). Might be that you are better off with Samsung or some other brand.

  1. THe says:

    Thomas how u fix the moonwalking issue with Redmi 9a ?? on version 12.0 dont work only moonwalking on all devices

    • Thomas Stein says:

      I was unable to fix it on Redmi 9A. TO be honest, it seems to be the most crappy Xiaomi phone I have touched. So, I had to ditch it and use a different device instead.

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