Terrible week for all the rebase tokens -> Every single project in minus in the last seven days [April 27-May 4]

A new week has just passed and in the period between April 27th and May 4th, we have seen a truly terrible week for all the rebase tokens. It kind of takes us back a few months in time, to the days of the big Wonderland misery. That is when we last saw that every single token ended up in minus like they did last week.

As you can see below, everyone single token dropped in value last week. The biggest decline was experienced by OlympusDAO, followed by KlimaDAO, HectorFinance, and REDACTED. Do you know what is the interesting thing? Those might be the four tokens of them all with the biggest potential, and now they are all the ones with the biggest price drop. I believe this is because most people have already sold out with all the junk rebase token projects, but the four mentioned protocols still have quite a lot of investors who now try to save some profit in the midst of red weeks like the former week we experienced.

The graph for the period between April 27th and May 4th

Here you can see the performance of the different tokens for the period mentioned.

As you can see, the best performer was Exodia, but that token is now history and all tokens can be redeemed sometime in May, meaning that this is the last time we will see Exodia on our charts. Then comes FantOhm and Wonderland, both in minus, but not so far from a neutral result.

All in all, this was just a terrible week, and let us hope that things will be better next week.

Overall performance since the start of the experiment

Only a few of the tokens in the experiment has been a part of it since the start on December 8th. Some joined in the end of December, while others joined in the start of January. No matter when they joined, they are all in a big minus. Hector Finance still remains the best overall performer.

What are your thoughts about the rebase tokens at the moment?

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