Has Netflix succeeded in making region switching impossible?

It is about two months since we first heard and experienced the consequence of Netflix blocking DNS and VPN providers worldwide. Now we can say without a doubt, that was only the start!

We most honestly admit that we never thought Netflix attack on VPN and DNS providers would go into such big proportions as it has. But, it seems as if they do not sit down happy to have blocked a lot of providers and then let things go on as ever before. Instead they keep on returning to the same VPN and DNS providers over and over again, only for the purpose of blocking new IP addresses the providers gain access to, so that they will be completely unable to provide the opportunity of Netflix region switching to its customers.

In addition to Netflix making life harder for these companies, PayPal has also taken some steps and have terminated their cooperation with most SmartDNS providers out there like UnoTelly, Unlocator, Unblock.us and several others.

Has the end of an era when it was easy to change your Netflix region arrived?
Has the end of an era when it was easy to change your Netflix region arrived?

Has Netflix succeeded in making region switching impossible?

Our honest answer to the question is no! They have not succeeded, but they have made it so hard that it isn’t that fun at all anymore. Most SmartDNS providers work their buts of to provide solutions working for US Netflix, but as a consequence their services do not work for most other Netflix regions on the market. If you have access to lots of VPN providers you might be able to find an IP address here and there that will unblock Netflix in a region, but who knows, the next time you visit Netflix again it might not work anymore. And who wants to throw dollars out the window paying for services that might work today (or not even today), and much less tomorrow!

Is this the end of Netflix region switching?

There will always be solutions and ways to fix this, but for the big audience it might be. It will be interesting to follow the developments in the future, if Netflix will keep their manhunt up and ban new IP addresses, or if they will slow down on this, which can lead to a new spring again for DNS and VPN providers? But, at the moment we feel as if Netflix region switching is more or less over, and most people should be happy about watching Netflix in the region they are currently in.

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Is this the end of Netflix region switching for you?

Are you still able to change your Netflix region? Or have you given up trying? Write your comments and let us know!


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