How to watch Summer Olympics online on German TV?

In Germany ZDF and ARD (DasErste) will broadcast the Summer Olympics. These are both free TV channels meaning that anyone in Germany can visit their website and watch their live streams at any time. But, what can you do if you are located outside Germany and want to watch the Summer Olympics online on these channels?

Summer Olympics on German TV online outside Germany

If you try to visit the ZDF website and the ARD website and to watch their live streams from the Summer Olympics when outside Germany you will only receive error messages telling you that these streams are not available because you are located outside Germany. To get this working you will therefore need to give the websites an impression that you are actually located in Germany, even though you are somewhere completely different. The way to do that is by using HideMyAss. This is a program that will help you change your IP address, and if you have the program and connect to a server in Germany you will get yourself a German IP address, and with this IP address all websites will believe that you are located in Germany. And thus you will be able to visit the ZDF and the ARD website to watch the Summer Olympics online, and instead of getting an error message you will be able to watch the live streams and to cheer for your favorite athletes.


Go ahead and press the HideMyAss button and get started. You can watch the Summer Olympics online on German TV in a few minutes from now, so hurry up and do not miss out on any of the highlights from the Summer Olympics.

We hope you have found this article and the answer useful and that you will enjoy watching the Summer Olympics online on German TV from abroad.

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