New theatrical premieres on HBO Now in May 2018

HBO Now might be the best streaming service if you want blockbusters and brand new movies. The highlight in May 2018 is without a doubt the arrival of Dunkirk, the fantastic Christopher Nolan movie about the happenings at Dunkirk during the Second World War.

The highlight of April 2018 on HBO happened yesterday with the premiere of the second season of Westworld. There will be no similar event in May 2018, because most people in Dunkirk have already seen the movie. All those people waiting for the second season of Westworld had nowhere to do so, meaning that they all had to wait for the premiere on April 22nd on HBO Now. And so far it seems as if the fans loved the first episodes of the second season.

dunkirk on hbo now

Dunkirk will premiere on HBO Now on May 12th in 2018. Besides Dunkirk, there will be other big theatrical premieres on HBO Now in May as well. The other movies coming are:

  • Wolves at the Door, 2017 (May 1st)
  • Lady Macbeth, 2017 (May 3rd)
  • The Lego Ninjago Movie, 2017 (May 5th)
  • Patti Cake$, 2017 (May 26th)
  • Fist Fight, 2017 (May 27th)

That list does not impress me, even though the movies there might be good and worth watching. So, what am I going to stream on HBO Now in May 2018? I guess it will be the second season of Westworld, if anything!

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