New videos on YouTube!

Last week, I reported about several videoes of ours that was blocked on YouTube. But, we haven’t stopped producing material on YouTube, we have simply changed how we actually create them and what content we include in the videos.

So, what have we created and published to YouTube in the last weeks? And what is the most popular content on our YouTube channels nowadays?

Knightfall on Netflix

Are you interested in the TV series named Knightfall, produced by the History Channel? Would you like to watch Knightfall on Netflix? Since we created the movie, they have added the second season to Netflix as well, so now you can watch both seasons of Knightfall on Netflix. Find more information in this video!

The Blacklist season 6 on Netflix

This is a brand new clip that we had to make after YouTube blocked the original clip after a complaint from NBC Universal. It was probably banned because it contained 3 seconds of actual footage from the first episode of season 6. So, now we have created a new video with the same content, just without the actual footage from the series. If you want to watch The Blacklist season 6 on Netflix, this is for you!

What about Suits season 9 on Netflix

The final season of Suits is absolutely here, and we are actually halfway through the final season already. Have you started watching it already, or are you waiting for its arrival to your local Netflix region? Don’t wait, but start streaming Suits season 9 on Netflix instead. How can it be done? You will find the answer in the following video.

Back to Life on BBC

Fans of the BBC series named Fleabag, are already in love with the brand new series named Back to Life. It is currently airing on BBC in England in its first season, and you can also watch it on some TV stations worldwide. Would you like to watch Back to Life online? How and where can it be done?

These are probably the highlights on the different YouTube channels we administer. But, you can also find videos presenting what’s new on Amazon Prime, on HBO Now and other platforms. As a result, you better subscribe to the different YouTube channels and enjoy all the fresh and new content that we produced every single week!

Do you have something you want us to answer or create a video about?

If you have a topic that you would like us to create a YouTube video about, write a comment. Would you like to know how and where to stream a certain TV program or a movie online? Write it down, and we will do our best to answer either by writing an article on the optic or by creating a YouTube video (or maybe both?!).

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