No Hard Feelings is on Netflix!

Were you among those who wanted to watch No Hard Feelings starring Jennifer Lawrence in the cinema, but you never got there? Have you been waiting for No Hard Feelings to come to Netflix? The wait is over, at least for those in India and for those who follow the instructions in this article.

I remember sitting in the cinema to watch a movie. I don’t remember exactly what movie it was, but it was probably Missing (a film I really enjoyed). One of the highlights, as I go to the cinema, is the delicious nachos accompanied by spicy salsa. Another highlight is as I watch the different trailers before the actual movie starts. It is a brilliant way to find out what’s coming in the future, and it is normally watching such trailers that I decide whether or not it is a movie I want to watch.

no hard feelings on netflix

As I was sitting there with the nachos in my hands, eager to grab a bite, I saw the No Hard Feelings trailer. Do you know what I thought to myself? I am never going to watch that movie. It looks so stupid and it has such a stupid story that I simply don’t care about it.

A few days later I told my wife about this (as we were looking for something to watch in the cinema). She told me that her best friend had seen No Hard Feelings in the cinema and that she loved it. Is that really so? It was hard to imagine, but based on it, I decided to give the film a chance as the movie was released on Netflix.

We watched for twenty minutes, and honestly, I could probably keep on watching (simply because I have a Sheldon Cooper syndrome which makes it almost impossible to abrupt an activity or a movie in the middle (without finishing the task/movie). My wife, however, said that this was just too stupid, too disgusting, and it felt too much. An older lady who tries to hook up with a teenager (so it seems), it just feels strange. But, I guess many men will enjoy watching Jennifer Lawrence in this role, and girls might laugh at the jokes, so there are still several reasons for you to watch No Hard Feelings on Netflix.

I guess it is time to write about what you came here for… to find out how you can watch No Hard Feelings on Netflix.

Watch No Hard Feelings on Netflix [HOW? WHERE?]

It is time to give you the how-to if you are eager to watch Jennifer Lawrence try to hook up with an immature boy in No Hard Feelings on Netflix. As I mentioned in the introduction, the movie is on Netflix in India. That doesn’t help you a lot if you live in Toronto, New York, Stockholm, or Rio. But then again, it might help you, at least if you do the following.

What you need is a VPN subscription to Surfshark. This is a fantastic VPN with servers in more than 100 countries. As you connect to these servers you are given a local IP address in the country of the VPN server and websites and streaming services believe you are in that country. Of course, many streaming services block IP addresses they know are used by VPN providers, but Surfshark is on top of the game, meaning that they give you IP addresses in the different countries that aren’t blocked by Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Paramount+, and other streaming services.

Visit the website ofSurfshark

Click the button above to get 12 months for free if you purchase a 12-month plan with Surfshark. No matter which subscription you buy, they protect you with a 30-day money-back guarantee. One subscription can be used on multiple devices simultaneously and Surfshark has apps for Linux, Windows, Macintosh, iOS, Android, and even more platforms.

  • Click the button above to get a big Surfshark discount. Purchase a subscription, download their VPN application, and install it on your system(s).
  • Launch the application and connect to a server in Delhi, India. This will give you an Indian IP address.
  • Restart your browser or restart your Netflix application.
  • You now see the content of Indian Netflix and you can watch No Hard Feelings on Netflix.

This is just one of many fantastic Hollywood blockbuster movies on Indian Netflix. You can also stream popular TV series such as The Blacklist and Suits, and there are lots of local content on Indian Netflix that you cannot find elsewhere in the world.

Surfshark also gives access to Netflix in more than 15 other countries, and it works with popular streaming services such as PeacockTV, ITVX, BBC iPlayer, and many others. Surfshark also has browser extensions for Edge, Firefox, and Chrome, making it easy to use in your browser only if you don’t want to use a VPN on your entire system. You can learn more about VPN connections by reading the different articles in our IP Address Guide.

Would you rather like to read and see the ratings of others? What do the average audience and the professional critics say about the movie? You can find out more at Rotten Tomatoes.

no hard feelings on netflix in india

Are you ready to stream No Hard Feelings on Netflix? Please return and write a comment once you are finished. Is it worth watching? Is it funny? Should I tell my wife to give it one more chance? Or was it a good decision to stop watching after 20 minutes? I am curious to hear your thoughts!

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