No more PPTP in Apple iOS 10 and macOS Sierra

PPTP has for a long time been known as the fastest VPN protocol, but it is also the weakest protocol when it comes to encryption and security. In the new Apple operating systems PPTP will no longer be supported, so be aware of this before you upgrade your operating system!

When you are using a VPN to stream online content, the PPTP protocol is often the best to use. This has the lowest encryption level, and this is also why it is considered to be the fastest VPN protocol. Since it uses less energy on encrypting, that energy can instead be used to get higher speeds. But, since it has been considered a poor VPN protocol which can easily be cracked it should not be used by people who aims at high security. And that is probably the reason why Apple has decide to totally remove all support for PPTP in both iOS 10 and macOS Sierra.

No more support for PPTP protocol in MacOS Sierra
No more support for the PPTP protocol in MacOS Sierra

Can the lack of PPTP support cause trouble for Mac users?

In general this should not cause any trouble for you. But, there are some people who have subscribed to VPN packages that only support PPTP. If that is you, then trouble is approaching. You can of course skip the upgrade and leave your operating system as it is today. You will however not be able to use your current VPN subscription if you decide to upgrade to iOS 10 or macOS Sierra.

If you want the newest operating system and have a PPTP only VPN subscription, then you should probably contact your VPN provider to upgrade your subscription to another package. Or you could simply cancel your current subscription and sign up for another VPN provider that supports OpenVPN, L2TP and other protocols in addition to PPTP. You can read about other VPN providers in our VPN reviews section.

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