Now you can watch Magnus on Netflix

Magnus on NetflixHave you heard about the Norwegian Chess player Magnus Carlsen? He has won the Chess World Championship several years in a row, and has been the best chess player in the world since he was a young boy. Want to know even more about him? Now you can watch Magnus on Netflix!

In Norway Magnus Carlsen has become a super-star, and he has even won competitions several years as being the best athlete in Norway. Some might say that chess-players are not athletes, but there is little doubt about the fact that was Magnus is doing is near to amazing. Magnus doesn’t only love playing chess, he is also a sports-enthusiast, and once he even did the kick-off for a Real Madrid match (and ran of the field afterwards)!

Find out more about Magnus Carlsen, about his career, personal life and hobbies as you watch this movie named Magnus on Netflix.

Watch Magnus on Netflix

Would you like to know more about Magnus? You can now watch the movie on Netflix, but not on Norwegian Netflix. At the moment you can stream Magnus on US and Canadian Netflix. If you are located outside those nations, press the links beneath to find out how you can get access to the Netflix region you prefer.

We recommend you to follow the instructions, because once you access those Netflix regions you will also get access to lots of other fantastic Netflix content, be it movies or TV series.

Have you seen Magnus? Did you like the movie? Please write a comment to let us know whether you enjoyed the movie or not. And please, tell us whether or not you like chess, because we are interested in finding out whether this movie is better liked by chess-players, than people who have no big interest in chess.

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