Now you can earn both Steem and Tron (TRX) as you publish on Steemit!

Have you ever heard about buy the rumour and sell the news? That is the norm, yeah, that is the normal within the crypto world. Do you know why? Whenever someone announce something about an upcoming announcement, they never manage to actually make the news worth the hype. So, when SteemitBlog published a post on December 1st claiming that something amazing was to be shared on December 2nd, people bought the hype, but we all expected them to sell the news. But, this was not a typical announcement that made us sell the news!

People speculated related to the content of the upcoming announcement, and then earlier today it was published right here. And if you take a look at the charts, you will see something that is unlike most other announcements. Nobody sold, instead, people bought more. That is just spectacular within the industry.

earn tron by publishing on steem

What was the announcement about?

Whenever you write an article on Steemit, you will earn rewards based on the number and the value of the upvotes you receive. You can receive rewards in Steem Power (SP), which is the same as a “staked Steem token.” You can also decide to receive 50% of the rewards in Steem Power and the second half in a mix of Steem tokens and SBD (Steem Dollar) tokens. The latter can be disposed and sold at once.

Now, the big announcement was, to be honest, quite extraordinary.

As of now, you will receive 1 TRX token every time you earn an SP (Steem Power) token.

Do you know what we call it? It just made publishing and staying active on Steem all the more fun, rewarding, and inspiring.

An example of earnings with this new model

So, if you publish an article and set the rewards to be given 100% in SP (Steem Power). People vote for your post and you have recorded 5 USD as the total income. Half of the rewards is handed out to the curators (those actually voting for your post), meaning that 2,5 USD is left for you. That is approximately 12 Steem tokens with today’s value of the token. But, besides earning 12 Steem tokens, you will also receive 12 TRX tokens. Isn’t that just cool?

And whenever you vote for the posts of others, you will receive your curation rewards in SP, which again mean that you will also earn those rewards in TRX tokens.

In other words, this is making it all the more inspiring and rewarding to publish at the Steemit platform.

Are you ready to give it a try and to join the publishing revolution? Visit, create an account, and get started!

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