The consequences of a Medium ban…

At the start of July, I added quite a lot of articles to Medium. They were all dealing with the same topics dealt with here in the IP Address Guide, meaning about VPN providers, SmartDNS providers, geo-blocks, and cryptocurrencies. It all worked out great for about two months, and some of the articles did really Read More

PureVPN with 31-day full refund policy!

PureVPN doesn’t have the best rumor among the VPN providers on the market. But, they seem to work hard on improving their product and their quality, and their latest upgrade has happened to their refund policy. We do not have to go far back in time to remember when PureVPN had a 3-day full refund Read More

How to find out if someone mentions me at Steemit?

Are you a Steemit user who tries to understand the platform in a better way. How can you find out if someone mentions you in an article or a comment, or somewhere else? Steemit is a very interesting blogging platform, built on the Steem blockchain. I have been using it for a while, and I Read More