October 19th will be amazing in the Rugby World Cup

The group stage of the Rugby World Cup 2019 is over. It has been great, but it has also been quite boring. A lot of matches with big gaps between the quality of the teams, but there have been a couple of awesome matches and some great surprises. And of course, the bigger surprise of them all was the Japanese victory against Ireland. As a result, we will get the most amazing quarter-final ever as Ireland will play against New Zealand in the Rugby World Cup quarter-final on October 19th.

Before the start of the Rugby World Cup, most people considered it obvious that both New Zealand and Ireland would win their own groups. But, the host of the tournament, Japan, wanted it otherwise. So, when they managed to beat the Irish team 21-13 by great surprise, everything turned upside down, and now the match between Ireland and New Zealand (which many believed would be a possible final), will turn into a quarter-final instead. This will be one crazy match, and if you want to know more about how you can watch the Ireland vs New Zealand live stream for free online, click the link.

Rugby introduction

The second quarter-final on October 19th will be played between England and Australia. This is going to be a tight match, and this is a match the Aussies will be eager to win. Not just because they want to make it to the semi-final, but also to get revenge for the final of the Cricket World Cup earlier this year in which England managed to beat Australia. Will they be able to beat the mates from Down Under once again, or can the Aussies beat England? This is going to be one amazing quarter-final as well, and I am so glad to finally see that there will be really interesting matches in the Rugby World Cup once again.

The Rugby World Cup online

As you probably know, the best place to stream the Rugby World Cup online is on ITV in England. We have a very detailed and thorough guide available for those who want to stream the Rugby World Cup online at www.watchworldcup.net. Click the link to find all the instructions you need, which will make you able to stream all four quarter-finals online, both semi-finals, the bronze final, and also the big final.

Do not forget, in New Zealand TVNZ will broadcast the matches online. But, they will always do it with a delay, meaning you are better of watching the matches on ITV in England instead. Tenplay in Australia will air the quarter-final between England and Australia online, so if you want to watch it on Australian TV, check the following article.

Which nations will you cheer for in the quarter-finals?

Do you believe Ireland can beat New Zealand? The latter nation has won the Rugby World Cup in both 2011 and 2015. If they want to have the chance of winning again, they need to beat Ireland. But, this is going to be a really tough match, and I believe both teams have a very fair chance of winning. The same can be said about the quarter-final between Australia and England. What do you believe? What does your heart say? And where would you place your money if you had to bet on a winner in both matches?

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