PayPal and Unlocator

A few days ago we wrote about PayPal and UnoTelly telling that they no longer cooperate as a part in PayPal’s policy not to support companies helping bypass geo-blocks. Now they have done the same with Unlocator, meaning that PayPal and Unlocator no longer cooperate and Unlocator users have to pay for their services in some other way.

On the Unlocator website they write the following concerning this matter:

[stbpro id=”black”]Unfortunately PayPal no longer allow us to sell subscriptions via PayPal. As a result you will see your subscription getting canceled by PayPal the next time it’s time for renewal and we can no longer accept payments via PayPal. This is very unfortunate and we are saddened by this irreversible decision.[/stbpro]

They do not write anything about why PayPal actually threw them out, but the cause is for sure the same as with UnoTelly. In other words PayPal does not want to have anything to do with services publicly encouraging people to use their services for the purpose of unblocking streaming services and reaching online content only available in certain countries and regions.

We are very curious to see whether or not PayPal will start cancelling their cooperation’s with bigger VPN companies at well, that is companies not only working with SmartDNS services, but also with normal VPN connections which of course can be used to unblock services, but which first of all are there to help people secure their only privacy and encrypt their data as they surf the Internet.PayPal and Unlocator

What do you think? Is this fair treatment of the SmartDNS companies by PayPal?

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