Premier League kick-off today

The moment we have all been waiting for is here. It is time for Premier League kick-off, and tonight we will all look to the Anfield Road in Liverpool. Can Liverpool win the opening match against Norwich?

Liverpool had a fantastic season last year, but can they continue this year? Based on the Charity Shield match against Manchester City on August 4th, they for sure have the potential, and they actually would have deserved a victory in that match. We all saw the importance of winning every single match in last years Premier League season, meaning that Liverpool will need all three points here if they don’t want to fall out of the trophy battle already in the start of this years season.

Premier League kick-off
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Premier League is the most popular of all football leagues around the world. As a consequence, millions of fans worldwide will sit stuck in front of their monitors tonight to stream the opening match. Many will watch it on their televisions, while others will watch it online on their computer, mobile phone or tablet. If you want more information on how to stream the Premier League online, click the link.

There will be other great matches this weekend as well…

We are all looking forward to the match between Liverpool and Norwich tonight, but the highlight this weekend will be played at Old Trafford on Sunday. That is when Ole Gunnar Solskjar and his disciples will play against Chelsea. That is the top-match this weekend, and it will be interesting to see if the Red Devils can continue their winning streak from the preparation matches. They ended last season in a terrible way, but they had a very good period just after Solskjear became their new head coach. So, what will the Red Devils be like in 2019/20? And what will Chelsea be like without Eden Hazard? He was my favorite player in the team last season, and I am afraid that they will suffer in his absence.

What do you think?

While Liverpool will play against Norwich on Anfield Road, it will also be time for the kick-off in Ligue 1. The opening match will be played between one of last years big disappointments (AS Monaco) and Lyon. I guess we will continue all the awesome football from this summer with even more football in all the top leagues of Europe in the coming months as well!

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