How to watch Premier League online? (2021-22 season)

The days when the Premier League was broadcasted on free TV channels are history. Would you like to watch the different Premier League matches online without paying a lot? Find out how you can watch Premier League online in the 2021-22 season.

Unfortunately, there will only be pay-TV channels broadcasting the Premier League in the upcoming season. As a consequence, you will need to subscribe to a pay-TV channel, in order to watch the Premier League online with a high-quality stream. To get such a subscription,  you will need to spend some money.

But, it is not the same how much money you spend. And since you are reading this article in English, it might be that you would prefer to watch Premier League online with English commentators, so read on, and find out how to watch Premier League online all across the world.

In the bottom of the article you will find information on who has broadcasting rights to Premier League in lots of different nations!

watch the premier league online on the Internet
This is how you can stream the Premier League online

Watch the Premier League online

To watch Premier League matches online you will in general need two things. The first and foremost is that you will need a subscription to a TV channel that actually broadcasts from the Premier League. Maybe we scared you of saying that you need this, but if you want to watch and enjoy Premier League matches online without spam, junk commercials, pop-ups and terrible websites, but want high quality that can be trusted so that you can watch your favorite Premier League team play online, then you will need such a subscription.

The second thing you will need is a VPN subscription, which will make it possible for you to watch Premier League matches on a TV channel with your subscription from a totally different country. In general, our advice is to use PureVPN for this purpose, because the best way to watch the Premier League online is available using PureVPN.


The cheapest way to stream the Premier League online

Would you like to watch the live streams from all the Premier League matches with English commentators? The cheapest way to do so is by streaming the matches on Hotstar in India. Hotstar will broadcast EVERY SINGLE Premier League match, meaning that this is by far the best way to watch the Premier League online. But, to watch the Premier League on Hotstar, you will need to register a Hotstar account and for this to happen, an Indian cell phone number is needed. This is super complicated, so for most people, this is absolutely impossible. If you, however, know someone with an Indian phone number who can help you out, then this is a brilliant option.

If you pass by that hindrance, you will have to pay around 25 USD, and you will have access to Premier League football for 12 months at no further cost (you will also need to use the VPN services of PureVPN as described earlier).

I am watching Premier League on Hotstar in India.
I am watching Premier League on Hotstar in India.

A great way to watch the Premier League online!

A very good way to stream the Premier League online is using the streaming platform named Fubo TV. This is an American provider that gives you access to the English Premier League, but also English Championship. In addition to these leagues, you can also stream La Liga in Spain on Fubo TV, Ligue 1 in France, German Bundesliga, Italian Serie A, and of course the Champions League and the Europe League.

If you visit the Fubo TV website by clicking the link above, you will most likely get an error message. But, if you use PureVPN and connect to a server in the United States, you can visit the website, sign up, and purchase a subscription straight away.

For more information on how to stream Fubo TV outside the US, click the link.

If you have a Fubo TV subscription, you can also watch CBS, NBC, USA Network and lots of other American TV networks live. You can also record your favorite TV shows and sports events and watch them on demand whenever you want to at the platform.

Watch Premier League on PeacockTV online

If you want to watch the Premier League matches online on TV in the United States, without paying a fortune to FuboTV, then PeacockTV is a very good option. For 5 USD per month, you can stream PeacockTV Premium online, and there they are showing Premier League matches whenever there are matches to be shown.

To watch PeacockTV online, you will need to use the VPN services of PureVPN, and you will need to struggle a bit to actually pay for the PeacockTV Premium package. If you want to know more about how to pay for PeacockTV abroad, check the following article.

premier league online streaming
Here I am watching Tour de France on Peacock TV

Watch Premier League on SKY Sports online

Let us say that you want to watch Premier League at the channel best at showing it, Sky Sports in the UK. To watch SKY Sports online you will need a subscription to the channel, and if you are located outside the UK you will also need to get yourself a UK IP address. Notice that it is not enough with an actual subscription to the channel, you will also need an IP address in the nation in which the TV channel you subscribe to is located. Read our article on watching SKY Sports online for exact information on how to sign up and how to watch SKY Sports online from abroad.

Unfortunately, SKY Sports is very expensive, so a subscription valid only for online use where the Premier League is included costs £35 a month. Of course you get a brilliant product, but still quite expensive. If you want an option that is somewhat cheaper as you want to watch Premier League online, read on!

If you want to watch Premier League on Sky Sports, you can also do so with a subscription to NOW TV. Read more about how that works here. This is our recommended method if you want to watch Sky Sports online.

Watch Premier League online

Not all matches will be shown on Sky Sports/NOW TV, as some matches will be shown on BT Sport. More information about how to watch BT Sport in the UK from abroad here.

 Who has the broadcasting rights for Premier League 2019/2020?

Here you can see a list of what TV channels have the broadcasting rights to show Premier League matches live in 2018/2019. Not all nations are included, but some of the nations we believe to be the most important and popular nations can be found on the list.

AustraliaFOX Sports
DenmarkViasat / SBS
IrelandSkySports / BT Sport / Setanta
CanadaSportsnet / TSN
ItalyFOX International
PolandCanal + Cyfrowy
Czech RepublicSlovak Sport
FinlandMTV 3
SpainCanal+ / GolTV
PortugalBenfica TV
FranceCanal +
ChileDirecTV / ESPN
IndiaStar Sports
MexicoSky Mexico
BelgiumTelenet / BE TV
PhilippinesbeIN Sports / ABS – CBN
NetherlandsFOX International
JapanJ Sports / NHK
RussiaNTV Plus
SwitzerlandCanal+ / TeleClub / FoxSoccer
United KingdomSkySports / BT Sport
United StatesNBC Sports / NBC

For more information on how you can watch other football leagues and big events online, check this article.

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    By the way, can I sign up for Fubo TV without an American VISA Card? Is it enough to use my VISA card from a European bank?

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