How can I watch Everton vs. Arsenal online? [September 16, 2023]

There are always interesting Premier League matches. But, there are some matches that we deem to be even more interesting than the others. Every week we give extra focus to such matches. But what is more frustrating than missing out on a fantastic Premier League match because you have nowhere to watch it? As a result, we will also tell you where you can stream the match between Everton and Arsenal on September 16.

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Everton has had a depressive start on the Premier League. After four matches, the team only has one point. Arsenal, however, has 10 points and come to this match with an impressive 3-1 victory against Manchester United. Even though it was a close race, Arsenal was the best team in the match and the victory was well-deserved.

Can Arsenal keep up the good football against a team in bad shape? Arsenal often struggles against bad teams, so it might be that Everton will have a fair chance of winning against the London team in this match. We also know that several Arsenal players will be actively playing for their national squads in the short break leading up to this match (including the Arsenal captain Martin Odegaard), meaning that the Arsenal players might be more tired than the Everton players before the match at Goodison Park.

What do you expect from this match? Do you think Arsenal will beat Everton?

premier league match of the week

How to watch Everton – Arsenal online on September 16?

Would you love to watch the match between Everton and Arsenal online? Would you like to know how it can be done? You can find a detailed article on how to watch the Premier League online right here. But, here, I would like to share a quick fix for the problem.

How to watch Everton – Arsenal live on the Internet?

I am happy to share two quick solutions to help you stream the match online. But I am even happier to tell you that you can use the same strategy to stream all the other Premier League matches this season online.

Watch the match on FuboTV Canada.

The easiest solution is to watch the match on FuboTV in Canada, a fantastic streaming service for Premier League football. The price is $20 per month, and it will give you access to live streams of every single Premier League match this season. In addition, you can watch all Serie A matches, Turkish football, and more good stuff.

To watch FuboTV Canada, you need the following.
  • A VPN subscription to ExpressVPN (click the link for a significant discount on their services).
    ExpressVPN has a full refund policy valid for thirty days, so if you do not like it, ask for your money in return. One subscription can be used on five devices simultaneously, and they have apps for all the big platforms.
  • A basic subscription to FuboTV Canada (Price is $20 per month).
    Use ExpressVPN to get a Canadian IP address (connect to a server in Canada). Then visit, create a new account and buy the basic subscription.

You can now watch every single Premier League match in the 2023-24 season online on FuboTV Canada.

Premier League on FuboTV Canada.
You can also watch many Manchester City matches with Erling Haaland on FuboTV Canada.

Watch the match on PeacockTV in the USA.

You can stream the match on PeacockTV in the United States as well. This service is very similar to FuboTV, but it is much cheaper. They also have a free trial valid for seven days.

PeacockTV broadcasts 50% of all the Premier League matches on their service, making it superb for those who don’t need to watch every single Premier League match online. The price for their Premium package is $4,99 per month. You can find the PeacockTV website at

To watch PeacockTV outside the United States, you need the following:
  • Once again, you need a VPN subscription to ExpressVPN.
    You must use the VPN this time to get an American IP address. This will make PeacockTV believe that you are in the USA.
  • You have to create a free PeacockTV account.
    After creating your account, please confirm that the email address you used for registration is valid.
  • To watch the Premier League, you need a PeacockTV Premium package. This costs $4,99 per month.
    You can use any payment card to pay for FuboTV in Canada, but to pay for PeacockTV in the USA you need a payment card issued in the USA. This can be very complicated, but thanks to USUnlocked, you can quickly get a virtual American payment card. Visit the website of USUnlocked, create an account, deposit funds, and use your virtual card to pay for PeacockTV Premium as your deposit arrives.

That’s it. You can now watch Everton – Arsenal live online and many other Premier League matches online.

Premier League schedule September 2023

Did you find this complicated?
You can find a more detailed and illustrated article showing how to watch the Premier League on PeacockTV right here.

We look forward to streaming this and many other Premier League matches online this season. We hope you are as enthusiastic as we are. Do you still have any questions about how you can watch Everton vs. Arsenal online, or maybe some other Premier League-related questions? Use the comment field below, and we will do our best to answer.

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