PSG to open Ligue 1 in France tonight

There are only a few hours left before this years Ligue 1 will have its official kick-off. Two matches will be played tonight, Bastia vs PSG and Monaco vs Guingamp.

It is a bit sad that PSG is so alone on the top of Ligue 1 in France, because 99% of everyone who follow French football will predict PSG to win this season again. It is not at all like the Barclay’s Premier League where there are at least five teams that could easily win the Premier League, and then teams such as Leicester is not included.

PSG to open Ligue 1 in France tonight
PSG” (CC BY-ND 2.0) by  Philippe Agnifili

There is little doubt about the fact that PSG is the most popular club in France. They might have lost some fans as Zlatan left Paris for Manchester, but hopefully some new stars will arise and maybe become even bigger stars than Zlatan managed to become in Paris.

As Ligue 1 has its premiere tonight PSG will have to play without Edison Cavani, who many hope will take the place as super-striker instead of Zlatan. Thiago Silva is also out with injury, but newcomer Bastia shouldn’t be able to cause big trouble for PSG, even though two of their biggest profiles will not play tonight.

If you want to take a look at tonight’s match between Bastia and PSG then you can do so online easily. We have already written an up to date article on how you can follow Ligue 1 online, so read that article if you want to watch tonight’s matches online.

Have a good time doing so, and tomorrow it is time for Premier League opening with Hull against Leicester. Can the newcomer in Premier League cause trouble for last years champions in the first match? Or will Hull fall apart just like most people expect them to, without any order or system in the club after the resignation of Steve Bruce?

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