Review: Love Life

Love Life is the name of the brand new HBO series, created for the brand new streaming platform HBO Max. It can be seen by those with an HBO Go and and HBO Now (or an HBO Nordic) subscription, but first and foremost, this was made for HBO Max in the United States.

Just like Disney+ made The Mandalorian their number one attraction as the streaming platorm was launched, and just like Apple+ used The Morning Show as their number one attraction, many people consider Love Life to be the number one show and the biggest attraction on the new streaming platform from HBO. Is it worth getting one more monthly subscription in order to stream Love Love on HBO Max?

Anna Kendrick in Love Life

Of course, there are way more content worth watching on HBO Max in addition to Love Life. You can find a whole lot of awesome HBO original series on the platform, many blockbuster movies, and much more. But, the biggest fans have already seen all of this content. However, let us forget about everything else and focus on Love Life instead.

Is Love Life worth watching?

Anna Kendrick is the actress on which HBO has placed their hope. She is the (only) big star of this show, and without her, this would have been a disaster. Anna Kendrick plays the role of Darby, a girl who has had a messy childhood, and now she is out there trying to fix her life on her own. It isn’t easy, and she is going from relationship to relationship. It is in this hunt for happiness that we get to know her, and we get to see her struggles, challenges, and victories.

Love Life might feel like a close-up on the daily lives of many people out there in the world today. Many run from one relationship to another, they get broken up with, and then it is their turn to break up with someone. In the entire struggle, they try to make a living on their own, and the character they thought would be the dream partner, suddenly turns out to be a lazy and crazy person.

As a result, Love Life might seem quite realistic and entertaining to someone. It often feels good to see other people struggle, and believe me, Darby is struggling as she tries to understand and clean up in the mess in her love life.

After watching all ten episodes of Love Life, I sit back with quite mixed feelings. It was, kind off, entertaining, but mostly, it felt quite boring. I could compare it to the BBC/Hulu production named Normal People, but that show had way more feelings and felt much more real. This is just a production created in order to have something to show HBO Max users, and even though Anna Kendrick saves the show with her presence, this still didn’t give much. After watching it, you sit back with an empty feeling, a big void. You have spent quite a lot of hours watching nothing.

Of course, some people might find comfort in the character of Darby and seeing her struggles, but I feel like it is simply frustrating to see her struggle in the world. Of course, it is realistic, and most people struggle to find and experience love in the world. So, why doesn’t this show comfort me and make me happy?

I really don’t know, but I was not entertained much.

However, I do know that my taste in TV series and movies can be heavily debated. That is why I also realize that this show will be a big hit among lots of teenagers, and people who might relate to the struggles of Darby. So, do not be afraid because of my harsh critic. Go ahead and stream Love Life yourself. I believe you might end up liking it. If you have watched 3 episodes and don’t like it, stop – don’t waste your time with the remaining seven episodes. But, if you watch the episodes and find the humor, the feelings, the up and downs, and everything that is served to you in Love Life to bring some sort of entertainment, go ahead and watch all the episodes.

Where can I watch Love Life online?

You can watch Love Life online on HBO Now, HBO Max, HBO Go, and HBO Nordic. There are lots of HBO titles there, don’t you think? This is an HBO original production, and it will for sure remain available only on the HBO platforms. So, if you want to watch Love Life online, it is about time that you get yourself an HBO subscription of some sort. I have just written an article on how to sign up for HBO Max, so check it out if that sounds interesting. Or, if you live outside the United States, call your local TV dealer to get an HBO subscription or purchase an online HBO Go subscription in your country.

By the way, another big hit on the new HBO Max platform is the remake of the Looney Tunes show. Make sure to check out this original HBO production if you decide to purchase a subscription to the new streaming platform.

Have you seen Love Life? How did you like the show? Please write a comment to share your thoughts!

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