Where can I watch Normal People online?

Normal People is the name of a fantastic BBC series created in 2020. It tells us the story of two people who are in a relationship, but just like normal people, they have big struggles. Would you like to watch Normal People online? Are you looking for a place to stream this popular TV show on the Internet? Is Normal People on Netflix? Here I will give you all the answers you need!

I am currently watching Normal People myself, and after four episodes (out of twelve in total), I must say that this is a fairly interesting show. I might not be as enthusiastic as the biggest fans, but I do look forward to watch the remaining eight episodes. In Normal People, we meet a girl named Marianne. She is a tough nut to crack. She is very smart, but she is not so good at communicating, and she has a very hard time making friends. On the other side we have Connell, a very popular boy, and a person who never dare to stand up for himself or for those he love. At school, everyone is making fun of Marianne, but when Connell and Marianne starts a relationship, this is set to cause trouble. Connell doesn’t dare to stand up for the girl he loves, and even though it might sound nice in the start, conflict is on the horizon.

Does this sound like a TV series that you would like to watch? Where can you watch Normal People online? Here I will share with you two methods that will help you stream this TV series online.

Two ways to watch Normal People online

I will share with you two methods in which you can watch Normal People online. Both of them are easy to use, and you can use the same method for both. The basic is that you will need a VPN to change your IP address. You will need to change your IP address so that you can watch content available on TV networks in other countries. In my examples, you will need to use a VPN to watch Normal People on either BBC in the UK or on NRK in Norway. If you try to watch Normal People on one of the mentioned websites without using a VPN, you will see some sort of error message telling you that the content is unavailable at your location.

Normal People
You will see this error message if you try to watch Normal People on NRK in Norway without a VPN.

Which VPN to use?

I suggest that you use either PureVPN or SurfsharkVPN. Both services have a 30-day refund policy, and you can use one subscription on several devices at the same time. Not only can you use the VPN services to watch Normal People online, but if you have a Netflix subscription you can also use them to watch movies and TV shows available on Netflix in about 10 different countries.

PureVPNwith 31-day full refund

PureVPN is registered in Hong Kong. They have servers in more than 100 countries, applications for Windows, Macintosh, iOS, and Android, and it is really easy to use. They have a 31-day money-back guarantee, and you can use your subscription on 10 devices simultaneously.

Surfshark VPNwith 30-day money back guarantee

SurfsharkVPN was registered in 2018 and it is a quite new VPN. It is one of the best for Netflix at the moment, and it is also great at giving access to other TV networks and streaming sites such as Amazon Prime, Hulu, NBC, CBS, and hundreds of others. SurfsharkVPN has a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Is the VPN ready? It is time to watch Normal People online!

BBC iPlayer is a bit more complicated because you will need to register a user at the website. It is important to use a UK Zip code during the registration process. You might also need to open your browser in incognito/privacy mode for this to work.

If you use a mobile device, you can easily search for the NRK application in Google Play Store or the Apple Store. If you want to watch Normal People on your mobile device with the BBC solution, check the following article for more information on how to download the BBC iPlayer and the BBC Media Player applications to your device if you cannot find them in Google Play Store or the Apple Store.

In other words, I consider the NRK solution to be the easiest, but it isn’t hard to watch it on BBC in the UK either.

Normal People online streaming
It is possible to watch Normal People on BBC iPlayer

The critics love this show, but the audience loves it even more. Currently Normal People has a 94% score on Rotten Tomatoes, something that should be considered extraordinary. I believe many people will recognize themselves in the characters of the series and also in the challenges they face. Maybe you can easily associate with the challenges of Connell, trying to be popular and at the same time being in a relationship with someone not popular at all? Or maybe you feel like Marianne, not really fitting into the fellowship of all your classmates?

I hope you will have a good time watching Normal People online. If you have any questions or comments, write a comment and I will do my best to answer and to help you!

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