RTE Player in Ireland blocking VPN providers

A few months ago, we decided to update our article on how to watch RTE Player outside Ireland. It was originally written several years ago, but from time to time we refresh and update our article to make sure that all the information and instructions located in them is up to date and still working. And that is what we did with our article on how to stream RTE Player abroad.

But, a few days ago, one of our dear readers wrote a comment telling us that the instructions we had didn’t work anymore. As a result, we quickly went to the rescue in order to test it and hopefully, write that it still works. We just received a similar comment on our article about streaming 9Now outside Australia, and after one quick test, we could tell the commenter that the error had to be somewhere else because we can still easily access and stream 9Now outside Australia following our instructions. But, with RTE Player in Ireland, things seem to be different.

If you try to watch RTE Player using a VPN or outside Ireland, you will get the following error.
If you try to watch RTE Player using a VPN or outside Ireland, you will get the following error.

RTE Player in Ireland and VPN services

What was quite incredible is that we tried 10 different VPN providers, and we even used the quite amazing IP Exchange to test IP addresses not usually recognized by streaming services, but no matter what we did, we received an error message as we tried to watch RTE Player outside Ireland. Now, that is quite sad to share, and even worse to write… and maybe even sadder to read if you currently feel like streaming some live content on RTE Player abroad. Well, based on our knowledge, there is no way to stream RTE Player outside Ireland currently. If you have read some other blog post on the topic in another blog and they tell you that you can use ExpressVPN, NordVPN, PureVPN, Surfshark VPN, BulletVPN or some other service, forget about it – we have tested them all, and it doesn’t work.

What can be done to stream RTE Player abroad then?

The sad thing is that you cannot watch RTE Player and use a VPN at the same time. This might be a way to stop people from accessing the RTE Player content abroad, but at the same time it is blocking those in need of security inside Ireland of streaming the content at the same time. Maybe you sit at an coffee house in Dublin and want to watch RTE Player, without putting your private data and confidential information stored on your device at risk. What can you do? Nothing! Since all VPN providers are blocked you will have to choose between RTE and security… I hope you will make a good choice!

Even though you cannot stream RTE Player abroad, maybe you can find some other TV station worth watching instead? BBC is blocking a lot of VPN providers, but there are still some working solutions available if you want to stream BBC abroad? Want to find out more about it? Click the link for further information and good solutions!

Do you know of a VPN working with RTE Player?

Have you recently used a VPN that actually helps you access and watch the live streams on RTE Player in Ireland abroad? I haven’t found any working solution, but if you have, please let me know as I would love to hear about them, test them, and possibly feature them here in the IP Address Guide to help the rest of our readers.

Lots of content available on RTE Player without a VPN

Do not forget that a lot of content is available at the RTE website without a VPN. The original RTE content can mostly be streamed both inside and outside Ireland, so this should not cause much trouble. But, you will mostly get the error messages whenever you try to access the live streams on RTE Player within Ireland.

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