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How to watch 9Now on Android and iOS outside Australia?

Do you have the 9Now application installed on your tablet and now you are eager to watch some 9Now content online. Is it possible to watch 9Now on mobile devices abroad?

We have already written an article telling you how to watch 9Now from abroad on your computer, but this article will give you even more detailed information on how to stream 9Now and its content on your mobile phone or tablet using the 9Now application from outside Australia.

There are a couple of problems you might bump into as you try to stream 9Now and watch content on 9Now online on your cell phone or tablet (Android or iOS), and here we will tell you about them, and how to fix them, step by step!

2021 update: This article is up to date! And, you can follow these instructions to watch 9Now on your Windows computer and Macintosh computer as well, not only on Android systems.

Watch the cricket world cup on 9Now...
9Now often broadcast major sports events, as they did with the Cricket World Cup in 2019.

You need the 9Now application installed

In order to watch 9Now programs on-demand on your iOS system or Android system, you will need to install the 9Now application. That ain’t necessarily that easy, because the program is only available in the Australian Apple Store, or for Australian users in the Google Play Store. In order to get an Australian Apple ID you will need to create a new Apple ID with a user registered with an address in Australia. In order to download the 9Now application to your Android system, visit APKPure and download the most recent version of the 9Now application manually and install it.

When you try to install it you will have to accept installing software from unknown sources, but just go ahead, install and open the application.

When you have the 9Now application installed

When you have the 9Now application installed and open it, you will get an error message looking something like this is you try to use it outside Australia.

Error message when opening the 9NOw application outside Australia
It looks like you are currently out of the country. This app is only available in Australia.

If you get the following error message (or something similar), it is because you are located outside Australia. The 9Now application should only be used in Australia, and thus you will not be able to stream The Big Bang Theory and other great 9Now content abroad. But, how can you fix this?

It might be that you will be able to open the application, but you will not be able to log in to the application as you get a message that 9Now cannot receive registrations from abroad as well.

Make the 9Now application believe that you are in Australia

If you have gotten this far, you haven’t got much left to be able to watch 9Now on your mobile device abroad. What is left is to make the 9Now application believe that you are located in Australia. This can be done by using a VPN to get an Australian IP address. But, it isn’t enough just to get an Australian IP address. As we tested with for example IPVanish we managed to get by the error message above, but the on-demand streams themselves didn’t start. They just kept loading, without starting.

The solution, however, was using the VPN services of ExpressVPN. This is a VPN provider with a 30-day full refund policy, and they are brilliant for watching 9Now from abroad (on all devices), and it can also be used to access US Netflix from abroad and so much more.

ExpressVPN49% discount - 3 free months
  • Click the button above to sign up for ExpressVPN.
  • Download the ExpressVPN application.
  • Start the application and connect to a server in Australia.
  • Restart the 9Now application on your Apple device or Android device.
  • You can now watch all the content available in the 9Now app outside Australia.

We hope you have found these instructions useful. If you have any comments or question, use the comment field beneath and let us know! Notice that you can follow these instructions also to watch Tenplay from abroad and other Australian TV networks.

Watching Channel 9 outside Australia
I am watching The Big Bang Theory on Channel 9 outside Australia
(both on Android and in Windows)

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  1. Johan

    Thanks for this article. Just tested it and I could easily stream 9Now abroad following these instructions and using ExpressVPN. And as a bonus it worked with Tenplay as well. Thanks!

  2. Down Under

    Well well,
    I have tried with other VPN providers earlier, but they didn’t work. I still gave ExpressVPN a try, and it actually works. Couldn’t believe my eyes as the stream actually started.

  3. Sandra

    I just got express VPN. I can enter in 9now but the shows don’t play. It stays there like it is trying to stream and nothing happens. Tried with Foxtel, ten, 7plus and it works. Only 9now doesn’t seem to work. Any suggestions please? Regards

    • Thomas Stein

      I just used ExpressVPN right now, and I can watch 9Now. Are you using Windows, Mac, Android or iOS? Here you can see a screenshot of me watching Doctor Doctor on 9Now in Europe!
      Doctor Doctor on 9Now from abroad

    • Thomas Stein

      Since you are writing in the Android article, I guess you are using Android. I just tested it on Android as well, and I could easily watch 9Now. Make sure to completely restart your 9Now application and as you open it again, be connected to the Australian server with ExpressVPN. Here comes a new screenshot of me watching Bite Club on 9Now on Android in Europe.
      Watch Bite Club on 9Now from abroad

    • Thomas Stein

      Hello Madison,
      I just tested the entire thing again, just to be sure that it works, and it does. I hope you have managed to fix it by now, and as long as you do not write anything more, I believe you are streaming some great content on 9Now in Australia instead. Should you have any trouble, please write!

  4. Susan

    Hi I would like to get 9now but concerned about it affecting my kids using the internet when I’m on it I’m in UK can you help thanks susan

    • Thomas Stein

      If you use a VPN on your computer to watch 9Now, that will cause no trouble for your kids. You can just disconnect the VPN connection whenever you do not watch 9Now, or if you keep it running, it shouldn’t really cause any trouble for the kids either.

  5. CRAIG morris

    I’ve got the app to work in UK and can live stream but I cant watch on demand it just freezes at first part any idea why I’m on android

    • Thomas Stein

      That sounds like some other problem, maybe restarting your phone, uninstalling the app and installing it again, or just waiting for some hours might help you solve the problem! Good luck!

      • Santarina

        Hi, facing the same issue here. I’m able to watch live stream but demand freezes. I’m using another vpn. Does it matter?

        • Thomas Stein

          I just tried watching programs on demand and live with ExpressVPN on 9Now on my Android device, and it works. It takes quite a lot more time of loading before the programs on demand starts (compared to the live stream content), but it works. So, just watching some Australian Ninja Warrior season 3 right now on 9Now on my Xiaomi Android phone 🙂

  6. Sean

    doesn’t work now after you wrote the article me thinks channel nine lawyers got onto express vpn. any ideas, anybody else not working now.

    • Thomas Stein

      It is not a question of lawyers, it is just about blocking IP addresses. It is nothing illegal in using a VPN, so lawyers cannot do anything about this! But, again – I just tried it, and I can easily watch 9Now outside Australia using ExpressVPN, so if you have signed up and downloaded ExpressVPN and it still doesn’t work, the error has got to be somewhere on your side. Have you tried connecting to a different server in Australia? Have you checked that you actually have an Australian IP address and that the connection works properly? Do not forget, ExpressVPN has a 30-day money back guarantee, so there is no risk in trying and you can easily ask for a refund, but based on my tests again today, this works perfectly!

  7. eddie goode

    It all over . this was their response .

    Customer Care (9Now)
    Sep 10, 12:27 AEST
    Thanks for your reply.

    At the moment, 9Now is only licensed to operate with in Australia. This means unfortunately that you will be blocked from watching Channel 9 live or Nine shows on demand as you’re in Vietnam.
    We no longer allow the use of VPNs with 9Now due to licensing laws. 

    • Thomas Stein

      Of course, their customer support will not help you use a VPN, and they will never tell you how to find those loopholes. But, if you follow these instructions you will still be able to access 9Now abroad, I have tried it and it works 🙂

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