Scandinavian crime on Hulu in November 2018

Sweden, Denmark, and Norway have fantastic authors acknowledged all across the world for their crime stories/book. Many of these books have turned into movies in the given countries, and some have even been dramatized with English actors (for example, Snowman by Jo Nesbo and the stories about the Tattooed Girl, written by Stieg Larsson).

If you like those movies, or maybe you just love reading Scandinavian crime, then there will be a fantastic trilogy coming to Hulu in November 2018. They might not be ideal for those with a weak heart, but if you like brutal crime stories, these might be something for you!

scandinavian crime on hulu

Department Q on Hulu

On November 16th, three movies will be added to Hulu. These are the Department Q series, and it consists of three movies:

  • Dept. Q: A Conspiracy of Faith (Flaskepost fra P)
  • Dept. Q: The Absent One (Fasandræberne)
  • Dept. Q: The Keeper of Lost Causes (Kvinden i Buret)

Truth be told, I haven’t seen them myself yet, but I have watched the trailers. Based on those, these movies seem to be fantastic Scandinavian thrillers, just the way we know from books and other movies.

Above you can see the trailer of the Conspiracy of Faith movie. As you quickly understand, this is interesting, intense and surprising.

Other stuff worth watching on Hulu in November 2018?

There aren’t many great movies coming to Hulu in November. If you haven’t seen Downsizing with Matt Damon yet, that might be a treat. It will arrive on November 24th. The entertaining movie Big Hero 6 (for kids) will come on November 10th, while Hulu will be loaded with Christmas movies on November 15th. But, all the Christmas movies that will come are crappy stuff from Hallmark, so I will not be watching any of those. If I am going to watch Christmas movies in 2018, it will for sure be on Netflix, as you can find some of the most classic Christmas movies made on Netflix!

On November 1st, Hulu again added lots of old James Bond movies, and they also added the xXx movies and the Ocean’s movies.

I hope you will have a great November, and that you will find some great stuff to watch on Hulu.

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