Secret Obsession – a perfect movie for an obsessed evening!

Would you like to watch an interesting movie tonight that will make you both excited, nervous, and maybe even scared? Secret Obsession was added to the Netflix streaming platform recently, and it is one of many original movies that can be streamed worldwide for those with an active Netflix subscription.

One of the most popular articles in the IP Address Guide is the article on how to watch Netflix abroad, and about the best VPN providers for Netflix. How come? Lots of people are looking for ways to access their home Netflix region as they go abroad, and they also look for VPN providers that will help them access content available in other Netflix regions than their own. But, when we start to discuss Netflix’s original productions things are easier. Why is that? It is very easy because all Netflix original movies are made available in all Netflix regions at the very same time. Of course, there are a few exceptions. For example, Dumplin’, a movie starring Jenifer Aniston came to Netflix in lots of countries early in 2019, but in some European countries, they decided to take it to the cinemas first, and then only later make it available on Netflix. However, that is the exception and not the rule.

A Secret Obsession review
Secret Obsession has a poor IMDb score. Is it still worth watching?

So, when I start to discuss Secret Obsession, it is important to know that it is a Netflix original production that can be streamed on Netflix all across the world if you have a subscription. But, is it worth the time?

Is Secret Obsession worth watching on Netflix?

Secret Obsession was released on Netflix in July 2019. It stars Brenda Song, Mike Vogel, and Dennis Haysbert. None of them are big names in the movie industry, but they are all ideal actors for this movie, making it worth the time.

The movie gives an impression of being very scary in the first moments as we see a lady running from a killer coming with a knife in his hand. The hunt ends with the lady being hit by a car and taken to a hospital. As she wakes up, all her memories are gone and she has no clue who she was before the accident or what happened.

You don’t need to be a genius to predict the storyline of the movie from here. In other words, you will quickly find out who is the bad guy secretly obsessed with the woman, and that is what makes it so brilliant. It is easy to predict, but you are still stuck to the screen to see how the story will progress and to find out how it will end.

Secret Obsession isn’t a brutal movie, meaning that there isn’t a lot of violence that you can see. But, it isn’t for those who are faint of heart and who dislike movies with some cruel people who try to hurt others.

I watched the movie with family members, and considering that none of us had heard of the movie and didn’t have many expectations, we all ended up actually enjoying our hours in front of the TV. The actors did a great job with their roles, and even though I was quite irritated at Jennifer Williams (Brenda Song) because of what I considered to be a stupid behavior. considering that she was taken captive at the time. With some smarter thinking, she could have made things much better for herself.

But, who knows? It might be that people will behave very differently when they are taken captive by an obsessed admirer, so I will not say anything for sure. However, with a clear state of mind, I do believe that Jennifer could have behaved much wiser in many situations, and thus controlled the situation in a much better way.

Secret Obsession conclusion

What is the conclusion about this Netflix original movie? It was a way better movie experience than I expected. This could have been a normal cinema movie that I would have paid a full-price ticket to watch, but instead, I got it with my Netflix subscription. That is kind of awesome!

I will not remember Secret Obsession for a long time, but whenever I decide to think about the movie, I will for sure do so with sweet memories. It wasn’t a sweet movie, instead, it was a tense movie, without taking it to a Birdbox level or a real horror-movie level. This is a medium-scary movie that can be watched by anyone who likes light thrillers.

Have you seen Secret Obsession? I would love to hear your thoughts about the movie.

By the way, the movie has received poor critics on IMDb. It only has a 4,2/10 score there at this very moment. However, that doesn’t have to mean that it is a poor movie. I believe many people will actually like this movie, so give it a try, and give up quickly if you find it to be lame, boring, or something like that!

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