Six top picks for Netflix streaming on New Years’ Eve 2019!

Are you looking for a movie to stream on Netflix on New Year’s Eve in 2019? What are you going to watch? Here you have some suggestions, but I have got to admit, they have nothing to do with New Year’s Eve at all. But, they are mostly Netflix original movies, meaning that you can find them in every single Netflix region, leaving the need for using a VPN to change your Netflix region unnecessary.

I am currently sitting by my computer and getting ready to stream a great movie on Netflix. In other words, this list isn’t something I have just created for readers of the IP Address Guide, it is also a list I have created for myself, meaning that this is movies that I am interested in streaming myself on Netflix on December 31st in 2019.

Since I haven’t seen these movies myself (mostly), I cannot write a lot about them, but I will still mention some interesting facts about the different films.

Some great movies on Netflix for New Year's Eve in 2019
Some great movies on Netflix for New Year’s Eve in 2019

The Irishman

Netflix is in the big movie production business, and it has created some movies in 2019 that are expected to win a lot of Oscars in 2020. The movie with the most positive reviews is The Irishman. Unfortunately, this is a typical Oscar movie, meaning that it is dividing the audience. Some people love it, while others just consider it to be boring.

But, what makes it so ideal is that Robert de Niro is performing for more than 3 hours in this movie, making it ideal for those who want to watch a movie that will take them all the way into the new year due to its long duration. Unfortunately, some people will simply fall asleep and sleep themselves into 2020 if they decide to watch this movie on December 31st in 2019, but others will feel enthusiastic and feel like this was the best possible way to start the new year.


Would you rather see a thriller with some action and an interesting story on New Year’s Eve? The Netflix original movie Fracture will give you exactly that. Here we meet a man who brings his wife and his kid to the hospital, only to discover that she is gone and nobody can give him any information. What has happened? What has happened to his wife and to his daughter? Are they gone? Is someone doing something illegal in the hospital?

Fracture is a quite slow-motion thriller. It might not be very intense, but it has received quite some good reviews, and Sam Worthington is doing a good job in his role as the husband in the story. This is an actor you may have seen in lots of other movies before, for example, in the movie The Shack, based on the very popular book written by Paul Evans.

The Two Popes

Now, this is a movie for those who want to listen to long conversations. It has awesome quality, but just like The Irishman, it is a long experience and without too much action. But, somehow, that is what they often like during the Academy Awards, which might result in this movie getting a lot of awards, no matter what. The fact that the actors are famous and great for sure help, and in this historical drama, you will either be totally impressed or fall asleep. A married couple I know bears witness of this, and they told me that the wife fell asleep, while the husband was totally obsessed with the story. Find out which of these characters you are, and quickly change to a different movie if you fall into the sleeping category.

6 Underground

Would you just like a giant adrenaline pump on New Year’s Eve? Join in with Ryan Reynolds and his team of 6 people who fight evil persons whom the normal armies and leaders cannot reach. This is a two-hour high-pace movie, and even though it didn’t become a favorite of mine, it was still perfect action for those in love with car hunts, crazy action, humor presented with blood flying through the air, Ryan Reynolds holding an eye in his hand, and brutal shown in a funny way.

Even though Michael Bay has created this, it could for sure have been a better movie. However, those in love with Ryan Reynolds, special effects, gross humor, and similar topics, might end up getting a perfect December 31st watching this movie.

A Marriage Story

Unfortunately, this is not the story about how Kyle Ren and Rey find one another (even though they kissed at the end of the newest Star Wars movie). Instead, Adam Driver (Kylo Ren) is having trouble in his marriage to Scarlett Johanson. How will this influence their lives? This movie has gotten a lot of praise, and people have recommended it on all sorts of forums.

A Marriage Story might not give you a big adrenaline kick, but if you want to watch a drama with extremely high quality and some interesting values and thoughts, this might be one of the best options among all the Netflix original movies on the platform as of December 31st in 2019.


This movie was the big title on Netflix in 2018. If you haven’t seen it yet, now is the time to see what life was like for Sandra Bullock in this ultra-special and thriller/horror movie. It was a great surprise to me because I don’t really like horror movies, but this one, I loved it! It was scary, but it was still a brilliant production and it kept me locked to the screen until the very end.

Suddenly, people start to commit suicide wherever they are. What can people do to protect themselves from this? They start to blindfold themselves, but at the same time, some people try to trick them into removing their blindfolds.

But, what is actually causing the people to commit suicide? This movie is packed with action, thrilling events, and it was one of the best new Netflix originals in 2018.

Are you ready for New Year’s Eve?

I hope some of these titles have caught your attention and that you are ready to stream content on Netflix on December 31st in 2019. If you don’t like the sound of any of these movies, and just want to watch some mainstream content, do a quick search and look for one of these titles instead: New Year’s Eve, Son of Saul, The Post, Love Actually, The Holiday… or just find something here and there!

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We wish you all a fantastic New Years’ Eve and a happy new year!

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